Apprehending Albert King in Sound Stage A: Main Story in Batman Arkham Knight

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If you want to know how to apprehend Albert King in Batman: Arkham Knight, this page will provide a complete guide for it. You can find him in sound stage A of the studios, but be careful as there is a mini-boss battle involved.

Use the Voice Synthesizer while staying hidden in the vent shaft

First, you need to head to the north-west corridor leading to sound stage A. The door is locked, but you can trick the bandits inside to unlock it. Use the Detective Mode to find the vent shaft that leads to the closed area. Get inside the shaft and use Harley Quinn\’s voice with the Voice Synthesizer to command an enemy to open the gate. You can do a Double Fear Takedown once you exit the shaft and start the fight, eliminating all the thugs.

After defeating them, press the other button and try to rescue the character sitting in a wheelchair. Then, take the nearby corridor to stage A, where you will be joined by Robin.

Keep attacking ordinary thugs to stack up the score multiplier

Prepare for a duel with mini-boss Albert King. The fight is not too difficult, but you need to follow a few procedures to gradually lower his health bar, displayed in the right top corner of the screen.

During the combat, avoid attacking King and focus on his thugs instead. Keep hitting them to increase the multiplier, and launch a Team Attack as soon as possible to automatically aim at Albert King. Repeat these steps until the boss\’s health bar drops to zero.

Let Batman and Robin perform quick strikes after launching a Team Attack

In the next part of the duel, you can perform a classic Beatdown after launching a Team Attack. Keep attacking King until his health bar is depleted completely. Counter his attacks by pressing the counter button when he tries to strike back. Once the fight is over, let Robin pick him up and get back to the central room. Albert will inform you that the last Batmobile upgrade, which you didn\’t pick up last time, is now ready to be installed.


What is the objective of the main story mission \”Apprehend Albert King in sound stage A\” in Batman Arkham Knight?

In this mission, Batman has to track down and capture a notorious criminal named Albert King, who is hiding in sound stage A. The objective is to infiltrate the sound stage, take down King\’s henchmen, and apprehend King himself. This is a crucial mission in the main story, as it helps Batman get one step closer to solving the mystery of the Arkham Knight and his plans for Gotham City.

What challenges does Batman face in \”Apprehend Albert King in sound stage A\”?

As with any mission in Batman Arkham Knight, there are many challenges that Batman must face in order to successfully apprehend Albert King. The sound stage is heavily guarded by King\’s henchmen, who are armed and dangerous. Batman will need to use all of his skills and gadgets to take them down without being seen or detected. Additionally, King himself is a formidable opponent who will put up a fight when Batman tries to capture him. The key to success in this mission is to be stealthy, strategic, and patient. With the right approach, Batman can complete the mission and move on to the next phase of his investigation.

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