Amnesia The Bunker: Step-by-Step Guide

If you\’re struggling to escape from the bunker with the Beast hot on your heels, fear not! Our Amnesia The Bunker guide is here to provide you with a walkthrough that will make this task a little easier.

You play as Henri Clement, a French soldier who must flee the bunker he finds himself in after being knocked unconscious by an explosion. The bunker is full of traps, rats, and the Beast, which is waiting to pounce. This page of the guide provides a walkthrough of the game, along with key item locations, as some elements are randomized with each playthrough.

  • Prologue
  • Finding Yourself in the Bunker
  • Administration Room (Save Room)
  • Finding the Lockdown Wheel
  • Prison – German Prisoner
  • How to Get the Wrench?
  • How to Get Chain Cutters?
  • Searching for Dynamite
  • Where to Find the Detonator?
  • Escaping from the Bunker – Finale


The game begins with a bang – you find yourself in the trenches during WWI, struggling to avoid death as the enemy attacks. During this sequence, you\’ll learn the basic controls and moves, such as shooting, reloading, leaning out, crouching, and sprinting. You\’ll also discover that you can destroy doors by hurling heavy items at them (this will come in handy later on).

As gas grenades rain down, your hero is rescued by a fellow soldier. Following a few cutscenes, you awaken in the bunker.

Finding Yourself in the Bunker

After waking up in the bed, stand up and collect all the items in the room. Use your flashlight to light up the room (you need to charge it for a brighter beam). Head to the Mess Hall. In the room, open the wooden door and you\’ll encounter a soldier who wants you to finish him off.

He\’ll also give you a pistol. Take it and go to the room he showed you to get the ammo. Once you\’ve got it, reload your weapon. As you return to the soldier, the Beast suddenly attacks and devours him.

Quickly run away and search for a steel door with a metal padlock. Shoot the padlock, and you\’ll find yourself in a secure Administration Room.

Administration Room (Save Room)

This is the safest location in the entire bunker. Here, you\’ll find consumables, a chest to store items, a map, a lantern that saves your progress in the game, and a generator (located on the lower level).

The generator is the most crucial device in the entire bunker. With it, you can illuminate most of the rooms, reducing the Beast\’s appearance (unless your actions are very loud). Near the corpse, you can also find a watch that shows how much time you have left before the generator runs out of fuel, and a Friloux dog tag with a code on the back.

In order to leave the Administration Room, you must obtain the dog tag and view the code on its back, which can be found on the ground floor table. Input the code at the main door upstairs.

Your initial objective is to locate the red lockdown wheel. At the main door to the Mission Storage room, you\’ll discover an old wheel labeled Emergency Lockdown. Interacting with it will cause it to fall and break, meaning you must locate a replacement wheel. The J Delisle cabinet in Mission Storage contains the wheel, but you\’ll need to know the code to access it.

You can find the Delisle room in Officers Quarters on the map, and it has a vertical door hanger with a hole in the middle. You\’ll need to destroy the door with a heavy tool or enter through the Lounge to access it. Once inside, you\’ll find Delisle\’s body and a dog tag with a code on the other side. Collect all consumables in the room and head back to Mission Storage to set the lock numbers as they appear on the dog tag. The cabinet will open, and the lockdown wheel will be inside.

Place the wheel at the Emergency Lockdown door, turn it, and gain access to previously unavailable areas such as Soldier Quarters, Arsenal, Prison, and Maintenance.

In Prison, the first door you encounter will be locked, and you\’ll need to use a frag grenade or heavy item to open it. However, this will attract the attention of the Beast. You\’ll find a map of the location in the center of the room you want to access, and interacting with it will add it to your main map in the Administration Room.

Further ahead, you\’ll come across a steel door leading to the Warden\’s Office, which can only be opened with a Wrench. To reach the Wrench, you\’ll need to go around and open a grate. You\’ll eventually encounter a cell block with a German soldier who has Chain Cutters next to him, but you\’ll need the Wrench first to access the cell.

know the code to the door. The code can be found in a note in the Guard Room. Once you have the code, head to the corridor and find the door to the Arsenal.

Inside the room, you\’ll find the dynamite. However, be careful as there are tripwires in the room that will trigger an explosion. Use the Chain Cutters to cut the wires, then take the dynamite and return to the Administration Room to save your progress.

If you do not have the door code, you will need to obtain it.

To access the Communication Room in the Soldier Quarters, you must first destroy the door to the map. Use a grenade or brick to do this and quickly move to a safe location as the Beast will investigate. Then interact with the map to find the Communication Room and obtain a key from the Security Room. To enter the Security Room, throw a brick twice at the door and hide under one of the beds in the dark room. Wait for the Beast to leave and retrieve the note to find the key. Once you have the key, return to the Communication Room and restore power by pulling two levers on the main road to Barracks A and B. You will need to find the third lever in the Utility Room, which is locked and guarded by the Beast. Shoot or use a brick to open the door, pull the lever, and quickly escape. Finally, turn on the radio in the Communication Room to receive a code and use it to access the Storage Area in the Arsenal. Be careful of line traps as you make your way through.

To avoid encountering the Beast while navigating through an area filled with rats, it\’s recommended to use a flare or fire source as they emit less noise. When passing through this area, be on the lookout for a hole where the Beast may emerge. If you notice it, hide in a dark area behind a wooden structure and wait for the monster to pass. Once it roars, you can emerge from the darkness and make your way to the room with the dynamite by turning right and going around. To navigate through the small labyrinth ahead, remove the boards blocking your path and avoid generating unnecessary noise. When you reach wooden pallets that are too high to jump over, use a nearby barrel to reach the other side. Once you have the dynamite, run back to the Administration Room to save the game and watch out for traps. To find the detonator, head towards the Arsenal and crouch to enter the collapsed part of the location which leads to the tunnels. Destroy the chain on the door using Chain Cutters and pull the lever on the other side to activate the device. Charge your flashlight as the next room will be dark and proceed forward through the deep water. Light the lantern to save the game and be careful of the blind soldier armed with a shotgun in the thick fog-covered roman ruins. Don\’t fire or throw grenades or molotovs at shadows that may be hallucinations caused by the fog.

In order to distinguish between reality and illusion, a player can use any of the empty bottles found in the room. If a bottle is thrown at a shadow but no gunshot is heard, it means that the enemy is not real. However, if a visible gunshot appears, it is likely that the enemy is real. Usually, one accurate shot or setting the enemy on fire will defeat them. If the enemy screams and their voice lines do not appear for a longer period of time, it means that the correct enemy has been defeated. The enemy\’s body will contain a shotgun that can be picked up and used. The detonator can be found on a wooden table in a nearby room. Once the player has collected all necessary items, including a rabbit toy, they can proceed to the exit. The Beast will appear in the ruins, and the player can either defeat it or distract it with the rabbit toy and proceed to the exit.


1. What is Amnesia The Bunker?

Amnesia The Bunker is a horror game that takes place in an underground bunker. The game is a first-person perspective game that involves solving puzzles and avoiding enemies to progress through the game. The plot of the game is centered around a protagonist who wakes up in the bunker with amnesia and has to figure out what happened to him and how to escape the bunker.

2. How do I progress through the game?

To progress through the game, you need to solve puzzles and avoid enemies. The puzzles can be tricky, but they are solvable if you pay close attention to your surroundings. The enemies in the game can\’t be killed, so you need to avoid them by hiding or running away. The game is divided into chapters, and each chapter has its own set of challenges and puzzles. You need to complete each chapter to progress to the next one. The game is designed to be challenging, so be prepared to die a few times before you figure out the puzzles and enemies.

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