Amnesia Rebirth: The Arsenal – Guide to Walkthrough and Secrets

This guide is about Amnesia Rebirth and provides a complete walkthrough for The Arsenal chapter. You will be able to learn how to create a tank shell and avoid grenade traps.

In this guide, you will discover how to avoid different traps spread across the fort and how to craft a shell. Moreover, you will learn the technique of firing the tank.

  • List of Secrets
  • How to Obtain Charcoal and Explore the Arsenal for the First Time
  • How to Obtain Sulfur and Solve the Puzzle Involving the Corpse with a Grenade
  • How to Craft a Shell for the Tank
  • How to Fire the Tank

List of Secrets

In The Fortress stage, there are 12 secrets. You can obtain them by exploring the walkthrough below. Interactive items are included, but they are not necessary to use.

  1. The Arsenal x7
  2. Matches x5

How to Obtain Charcoal and Explore the Arsenal for the First Time

Once you enter the arsenal, check the nearby cabinet. One of its drawers contains a collectible, The Arsenal: Good Ledger.

Go down the stairs and find a workbench in front of you, which contains another secret, The Arsenal: Sulfur Note.

On the left side, there is a desk with three secrets:

  1. The Arsenal: Saltpeter Note – lying in plain sight
  2. The Arsenal: Store Shifts Note – it\’s in the right drawer
  3. Matches – they are in the left drawer

Go through the adjacent corridor, but watch out for the rope trap shown in the picture above. Do a running jump to avoid it. Touching it will scare the protagonist, but it won\’t kill you.

Enter the room on the right. One of the upper cabinets contains matches, and a Lump of Charcoal is located on the right side of the entrance (see picture 1).

Place the coal in the machine shown in picture 2 and start spinning the reel. Ultimately, you will receive Milled Charcoal.

Go to the next room and light the surrounding light sources. On the other side of the bars, you will see a corpse with a grenade, which you will reach shortly.

Start by exploring the area on the right:

  1. Matches are available on one of the shelves on the right.
  2. In the drawer (see the picture above), you will find more matches and a secret – The Arsenal: Off-limits Items Note.

Now, go to the left of the cage. Open the shutter shown in the picture and carefully climb onto the scaffolding. Consider saving the game here.

Walk through the scaffolding until you reach the place shown in the picture. Do a running jump to land on the adjacent scaffolding. Go through another window, and you will find yourself inside an area surrounded by bars.

Getting Sulfur and Solving the Puzzle with the Grenade Corpse

Behind the corpse holding a grenade lies a large sarcophagus with a note titled \”The Arsenal: Captain\’s Final Note.\”

Check the left corner of the room for a wardrobe containing Sulfur Ointment and a note labeled \”The Arsenal: Laudanum Guidelines.\” You can also find matches in the right-side drawer.

Find the second corpse shown in the picture leaning against the bars. They have the Cage Key in their left hand.

Save your progress since the protagonist can easily die here. If you die, you can restart the game (without saving) and try again.

Remove the hook on the door slowly to avoid detonating the grenade. Use the Cage Key to escape without setting off the grenade and earn the Escape Artist trophy.

Crafting a Tank Shell

Return to the room where you previously obtained milled charcoal and examine the vessel shown in the picture. Place the sulfur inside after removing the lid.

Light a fire under the vessel using a match and wait for it to cook. You will receive Sulfur Grains.

Return to the first workbench and put the Sulfur Grains, Saltpeter, and Milled Charcoal in the tube in that order. Pull the black lever to produce a Tank Shell.

Firing the Tank

Exit the arsenal to return to The Fortress\’s courtyard. Go back to the tank wreck and enter its cabin through the hole.

Examine the lever on the right to insert the Tank Shell into the mechanism. Use the left lever to enable the tank\’s gun to rotate freely.

Find the viewpoint and rotate the turret to aim at the gate shown in the picture. Press the shooting button to start the ending cutscene.


1. What weapons are available in Amnesia Rebirth: The Arsenal?

In Amnesia Rebirth: The Arsenal, players have access to a variety of weapons to defend themselves against the game\’s terrifying creatures. These include the revolver, shotgun, and the new \”Tazi\” submachine gun. There are also throwable objects such as flares and dynamite, as well as a lantern to light dark areas.

2. Are there any hidden secrets in Amnesia Rebirth: The Arsenal?

Yes, there are several hidden secrets in Amnesia Rebirth: The Arsenal. Players can find hidden rooms and passages by solving puzzles or interacting with certain objects. There are also secret areas that can only be accessed by finding and using certain items. Additionally, there are collectibles scattered throughout the game that provide more backstory and information about the world of Amnesia Rebirth. Keep an eye out for anything that looks out of place or can be interacted with, as it may lead to a hidden secret.

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