Age of Wonders 4: Society Traits

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This guide will give you information about social traits and other traits that are important when setting up your new faction in AoW 4.

Society Traits consist of 18 different traits that will lay the groundwork for your future Empire. They will determine the resources that you will have in abundance and the strengths and weaknesses of your civilization. In Age of Wonders 4, Affinities play a crucial role in defining a civilization. These offer bonuses to different aspects such as Production, Food, and Draft. This section of the guide covers another set of traits that affect the amount of Affinity your state has at the beginning of a match.

If you want to see the lists of Body and Mind Traits, check out the dedicated pages of our guide.

The list below shows different factions and their corresponding bonuses in the game. Each faction has unique benefits that can be used to gain an edge in the game.

– Imperialists

– +20 City Stability for the Throne City and cities that share its border

– +20 Gold Income for the Throne City and cities that share its border

– 1 Throne City Population

– Chosen Uniters

– +30% Income from Vassals

– +10 Alignment Points

– +1 Rank for Shield units, +1 Rank for Polearm units

– Extra Shield unit or Polearm unit

– Devotees of Good

– +10 City Stability

– +5 Imperium per each Good alignment level

– +10 Alignment Points

– +1 Rank for Support units, +1 Rank for Polearm units

– Extra Support unit or Polearm unit

– Ruthless Raiders

– +3 Gold income in Cities

– +3 Draft per tier of units killed in a victory

– -10 Alignment

– 2 Random Hero Items

– Prolific Swarmers

– -10% Food required for a new Population point

– +1 Rank for tier I units

– -20% upkeep for non-Magic Origin units

– Ritual Cannibals

– Units gain the Corpse Eating ability

– -10 Alignment

– Nearest City gains +3 Food and Mana per tier of non-Magic Origin units killed or lost in a victory

– Mana Channelers

– Summoning spells cost 50% less mana points

– +1 Rank for Magic Origin units

– Extra Magic Origin unit

– Ancient Wise Ones

– When a Tome is unlocked, a random skill from it costs 60% less

– 1 Random Research Skill unlocked

– Gifted Casters

– +10 Combat Casting Points

– +10 World Map Casting Points

– Combat Casting Cost -20%

– Extra Combat Spell unlocked

– Adept Settlers

– +1 City Cap

– -25% Founding Cities Imperium Cost

– +1 Population for new Cities

– 1 Throne City Population

– Experienced Seafarers

– +2 Draft, Food and Gold from Fisheries

– -25% Cost and Upkeep for Naval units

– +2 Rank for Naval units

– Basic Seafaring empire skill unlocked

– Fabled Hunters

– +100% resources from cleaning Infestation, Ancient Wonder and Resource Nodes

– +1 Rank for Ranged and Skirmisher units

– Extra Ranged unit

– Wonder Architects

– Ancient Wonders can be annexed without requiring Population

– Cities gain +20% production per annexed Ancient Wonders

– 1 nearby Ancient Wonder near Throne City cleared

– Runesmiths

– -30% Unit Enhancement Research Cost

– -30% Unit Enhancement Upkeep

– +1 Rank for Shield units, +1 Rank for Polearm units

– Extra Shield unit or Polearm unit

– Great Builders

– +2 Gold from Quarries

– -50% production points needed to improve the province

– Workshop city structure, Stone Walls city structure

– Scions of Evil

– +10 Draft per Evil alignment level

– +5 Imperium per Evil alignment level

– -10 Alignment

– +1 Rank for all units with Evil alignment

The first group, Pure Evil, consists of units with that alignment. They can choose either an Extra Shield unit or a Shock unit. The Powerful Evokers group grants a +1 rank for Battle Mage and Support units, as well as +5 Combat Casting Points per Battle Mage and Support unit. They can also choose an Extra Battle Mage unit or Support unit. Shadow Walkers receive a +2 Vision Range for Cities and Provinces. Scout units have universal Camouflage and Outpost starts with the Watchtower upgrade built. Wayfinder Enchantment is unlocked and costs no upkeep. They can also choose an Extra Scout unit.


What are Society Traits in Age of Wonders 4?

Society Traits are one of the key features in Age of Wonders 4. They are unique characteristics that define the culture and society of a faction. Each faction has its own set of Society Traits that provide various bonuses to the player. For example, the Human faction has the Society Trait \”Innovative\” which grants bonus research points and the ability to research technologies faster. On the other hand, the Dwarves have the Society Trait \”Stalwart\” which grants bonus defense and the ability to withstand enemy attacks better.

How do Society Traits affect gameplay in Age of Wonders 4?

Society Traits play a crucial role in determining the gameplay experience in Age of Wonders 4. They provide unique bonuses to the player and help in shaping the overall strategy for the faction. Players can choose to focus on a particular set of Society Traits to tailor their gameplay experience to their liking. For example, if a player wants to focus on research and technology, they can choose to play as the Human faction with their \”Innovative\” Society Trait. Alternatively, if a player wants to focus on defense and survival, they can choose to play as the Dwarves with their \”Stalwart\” Society Trait. Thus, Society Traits provide a lot of replayability and variety to the game.

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