Age of Wonders 4: Cultures

A guide to Age of Wonders 4 and tips

The base version of Age of Wonders 4 offers 6 different cultures for players to choose from. This guide will provide information on the available cultures in the game and the bonuses that come with each one.

This guide page will give you an overview of the 6 Cultures featured in the game. You will discover their attributes, advantages, and weaknesses. This information will help you decide which culture to choose when building your own faction in the game.

  • Feudal
  • High
  • Barbarian
  • Industrious
  • Dark
  • Mystic


This is the first of the 6 cultures available in the game. It is based on the medieval hierarchy system, but simplified in the game to focus on one ruler, lords, and a lady, and then on subjects. Choosing this culture will give you broad access to food, allowing you to quickly grow your empire. Additionally, you can use fine lords who, when placed as city or army managers, contribute to more efficient operations. You can only recruit 5 of these Lords, and they will specialize in only one area each. You can choose from the following Lords:

  1. Lord of Knowledge,
  2. Lord of Magic,
  3. Lord of War,
  4. Lord of Corps,
  5. Lord of Production.

By selecting Feudal as your faction\’s culture, you can also benefit from a trait called Stand Together, which grants additional profits when units are positioned next to each other during battles.

You will also receive one point of Order Affinity by selecting this culture, which gives you a gold bonus of 2 for every point your faction has. The second point of Affinity you get is Nature Affinity, which is related to farming, druidism, and control over the living world. It gives you a food bonus of 2 per every point.


This is another culture available for players to choose when creating their unique faction in the game. This culture is characterized by a general strive for harmony, seeking peace and knowledge. By choosing this culture for your faction, you can expect 4 main bonuses. The first will provide you with additional income depending on the stability of your empire\’s cities and your Knowledge.

The second bonus related to this culture is Awakened, a trait that provides +4 Spirit damage and simultaneously unlocks the unit\’s Dormant Trait.

Another bonus you will receive is 10 Alignment points.

The last feature of this culture is the reaction to the Alignment level. Depending on the number of Alignment points, you will receive the following attributes for your empire, globally:

  1. Total Good will give you 25 Stability points in all cities
  2. Neutral will provide 10 food points and 10 production points in all cities whose stability level is greater than neutral.
  3. Pure Evil grants automatic Awakened activation for units.

By choosing this culture, you will also receive 2 points of Order Affinity.


If you choose this culture for your faction, you will get people focused on finding new loot and striving for bloody fights. After choosing this faction, you will receive 3 bonuses:

If you choose the first culture, you will gain benefits such as additional buildings for food production and training units, a Primal Strike trait for melee units, and more efficient regeneration for units stationed in cities and outposts. Additionally, you will receive 1 point of Chaos Affinity and 1 point of Nature Affinity. The former will allow you to increase recruitment in the city by 2 slots per Affinity level.

The Industrious culture is focused on defense and building large structures. By choosing this culture, you will receive three Faction\’s traits, including buildings that produce additional production points, a defensive bonus for units called Bolster, and the ability to search for rewards like gold or production points using a scout unit. You will also receive 2 points of Materium Affinity, which allows you to increase production in the city by 2 points per Affinity level.

The Dark culture is for authoritarian dictators who rule with force and forbidden magic. You will nullify income penalties due to changes in the city\’s stability, build unique city structures that grant knowledge and additional income from prisons and crypts, and receive additional damage and regeneration bonuses to units attacking weakened enemies. Your faction will receive 10 Alignment points, and you will gain 2 points of Shadow Affinity, which allows you to increase knowledge in the city by 2 points per Affinity level.

Lastly, the Mystic culture is focused on research and the study of mystic arts. By choosing this culture, you will receive three Culture\’s attributes, including buildings that give a bonus to mana production and a trait that makes your units more powerful in combat when using a spell on the battlefield. You will also gain Astral Echoes, a faction trait that grants you knowledge and mana, and 2 points of Astral Affinity, which allows you to increase mana in the city by 2 points per Affinity level.


What are the different cultures in Age of Wonders 4?

In Age of Wonders 4, there are six different cultures to choose from. These cultures are the Commonwealth, the Empire, the Dvar, the Kir\’ko, the Syndicate, and the Amazon. Each culture has its unique strengths and weaknesses, as well as a distinctive playstyle. The Commonwealth, for example, is very good at diplomacy, while the Empire excels at military tactics. The Dvar are experts in technology, and the Kir\’ko are known for their swarm tactics. The Syndicate is great at espionage, and the Amazon is a master of nature magic.

What advantages do cultures have in Age of Wonders 4?

Each culture in Age of Wonders 4 has its advantages. These advantages can be in the form of special units, abilities, or bonuses. For example, the Commonwealth has access to the Diplomat unit, which can help sway other factions to your side. The Empire can recruit Knights, powerful cavalry units that can charge through enemy lines. The Dvar can build powerful machines, like the Flame Tank, which can burn through enemy defenses. The Kir\’ko can use their Swarm Shield ability to protect their troops from ranged attacks. The Syndicate can use their spies to sabotage enemy cities or steal valuable technology. The Amazon can summon powerful nature creatures, like the Treant, to fight for them.

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