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Guide to Doom

Inside this article, you will find a variety of advice and suggestions for playing Doom. These tips will aid you in comprehending the game\’s fundamental gameplay mechanics and finishing the single player campaign. You will learn about the different levels of difficulty, the most significant risks, and the valuable treasures that can be discovered in almost every level.

speed for a certain period of time.


Exploration is an important aspect of Doom. The game offers many secrets and collectibles that can be found in every mission. These secrets can be accessed by solving puzzles or finding hidden paths. Exploration is also useful for finding upgrades for the Doom Marine. Upgrades are divided into three categories: Praetor Suit upgrades, weapon upgrades, and runes. Praetor Suit upgrades improve the Doom Marine\’s armor and abilities. Weapon upgrades improve the efficiency of weapons. Runes are special abilities that can be activated during combat.

Upgrading the Doom Marine

Upgrading the Doom Marine is crucial to success in Doom. Upgrades can be found by exploring missions, completing challenges, or by spending points earned from combat. Spend upgrade points wisely – choose upgrades that suit your playstyle. Praetor Suit upgrades should be prioritized to improve the Doom Marine\’s survivability. Weapon upgrades should be chosen based on the weapons you use the most. Runes should be selected based on the situation – some runes are better for crowd control, while others are better for boss fights.


Doom is a fast-paced first-person shooter that requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking. Choosing the right difficulty level, mastering combat techniques, exploring levels, and upgrading the Doom Marine are all important aspects of the game. By following these tips, you\’ll be able to conquer the demons of Hell and emerge victorious.

to increase your health, armor or ammo capacity), Praetor Tokens (use them to unlock new abilities or upgrade existing ones) and Elite Guards (defeat them to get a weapon mod or upgrade point).

  • Use weapon mods. Almost every weapon has two available mods that can be unlocked by using weapon upgrade points. These mods alter the weapon\’s functionality and can be used to adapt to your playstyle or to the enemies you are facing.
  • Unlock new abilities. You can use Praetor Tokens to unlock new abilities or to upgrade existing ones. These abilities can make the Doom Marine more durable, more deadly or more agile. Some of them are passive (e.g. faster glory kills), others are active (e.g. a short-term invulnerability).
  • Upgrade your suit. The Praetor Suit can also be upgraded by using Praetor Tokens. These upgrades improve the suit\’s abilities (e.g. faster environmental resistance), increase its durability or unlock new features (e.g. a dashing ability).
  • Complete challenges. Challenges are optional objectives that can be completed during a mission. They can range from killing a certain number of enemies with a specific weapon to finding all the secrets in a level. Completing a challenge rewards you with a weapon upgrade point, which can be used to unlock weapon mods.
  • Multiplayer

    1. Choose your loadout wisely. Before the match starts, you can choose your weapons, equipment and abilities. Make sure to choose a loadout that suits your playstyle and the map you are playing on.
    2. Use the verticality of the maps. The maps in Doom\’s multiplayer mode are designed to allow for vertical gameplay. You can use double jumps, ledge climbing and teleporters to gain an advantage over your opponents.
    3. Claim power-ups and demon runes. Power-ups (e.g. quad damage) and demon runes (which turn you into a powerful demon) spawn at fixed locations on the map. Claiming them can give you a significant advantage over the enemy team.
    4. Stick together with your team. Doom\’s multiplayer mode is team-based. Stick together with your team to avoid getting picked off by the enemy.
    5. Practice makes perfect. Doom\’s multiplayer mode can be challenging, especially if you are new to the game. Practice makes perfect, so don\’t get discouraged if you don\’t perform well at first.

    There are several ways to upgrade your character in Doom. First, look for power-ups such as argent cells, elite guards, and field drones to increase your health, armor, ammo capacity, and develop your Praetor Suit. Second, complete mission challenges which can be checked before starting a mission. Third, upgrade your weapons by buying regular upgrades and completing unique challenges for each modification. Finally, unlock and upgrade runes which give you new abilities. Start by finding a Trial Stone and completing its challenge to receive a rune. Remember, you can only have three active runes at a time. Check our walkthrough for tips on completing these upgrades.


    1. What are some general tips for playing Doom?

    If you\’re new to Doom, some general tips to keep in mind are to keep moving, conserve ammo, and explore every corner of the map. You\’ll want to constantly be on the move to avoid getting hit by enemies, and you should try to conserve ammo by using your chainsaw or fists when possible. Additionally, exploring every corner of the map can help you find valuable items like health and ammo, as well as secret areas with power-ups and weapons.

    2. How do I deal with tough enemies in Doom?

    When facing tough enemies in Doom, it\’s important to know their weaknesses and use the appropriate weapons. For example, the plasma rifle is effective against cacodemons, while the rocket launcher is great for taking out groups of enemies. You should also try to dodge their attacks and use your environment to your advantage by taking cover behind walls or pillars. Lastly, don\’t be afraid to use your power-ups like berserk or invincibility to take down tough enemies.

    3. What are some important power-ups to look out for in Doom?

    Some important power-ups to look out for in Doom include the berserk power-up, which increases your melee damage and allows you to perform glory kills, and the invincibility power-up, which makes you temporarily invulnerable to enemy attacks. Additionally, the haste power-up increases your movement speed and weapon firing rate, while the invisibility power-up makes you temporarily invisible to enemies.

    4. How do I find and access secret areas in Doom?

    To find and access secret areas in Doom, you should be on the lookout for hidden switches and walls that can be destroyed. You can also listen for audio cues like the sound of a hidden door opening or the hum of a nearby secret area. Additionally, some secret areas require you to perform specific actions like shooting a certain object or standing on a specific platform. Once you\’ve found a secret area, you\’ll usually be rewarded with valuable items like health, ammo, and weapons.

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