Advanced Research Complex | Walkthrough

A guide for Doom players


Bottle Opener

  1. Perform 5 \”Screw Top\” glory kills on The Possessed (attack lower right leg or head from behind).

Double Take

  1. Interact with 2 Rune Trial Stones.

Hide and Seek

  1. Find 2 Collectibles.

Meet with Samuel Hayden in his office

Leave the station and take the stairs to the first toilet on the left. There, you can find additional armor. A group of demons will attack you soon after. Use Possessed to complete the Bottle Opener challenge. Stun the beast with a melee attack and then perform a Glory Kill while standing behind the creature and aiming at its right leg.

Proceed to a room with a panel and unlock further passage. Grab the valuable Argent Cell next to the computer.

Pass a door glowing in red to find the Automap and Elite Guard. To get there, go back to the toilet without armor, stand on one of the sinks, and turn around. You should notice a tunnel entrance leading to the secrets. The path leads behind the door opened with the computer. Continue forward and examine the area under the stairs to find ammunition useful for the upcoming demon battle.

After the battle, use another panel and pick up the Data Log. You will see a Gore Nest that must be destroyed. Once done, hordes of demons will appear. Grab the Berserk to get rid of remaining demons quickly. The path leads to the boss\’ office.

After hearing from the boss, pick up the documents and head to the elevator at the end of the corridor.

Get to the Weapon Research Division

Below, pick up the Data Log. To the right, under the wall, find another Elite Guard.

Open the sluice using the nearby panel, and destroy the second Gore Nest outside. The Haste power-up to the right will be useful against the demons.

Use the computer marked by the radar. Ahead, go through the sluice to find a hidden Rune Trial: Blood Fueled. Kill all enemies within a limited time, moving only for a few seconds after each kill. Run forward after each kill, shooting the next enemy with the machine gun. Completing the trial earns you a rune that makes you move faster after each Glory Kill.

After completing the challenge, check the right corner of the room. You will find a game machine behind the chest. Although there is no special reward for playing it, you can still enjoy the game. Next, exit through the sluice and head towards the left side.

Jump onto the first platform and turn around. Look for a pipe on the right side below, and make your way towards it. The pipe will lead you to the Argent Cell.

Collect the Argent Cell and jump to the edge on the other side.

Stick to the left side and climb up to reach a cave with a hidden collectible called Phobosguy.

Stand at the exit of the tunnel and look towards the left to spot a lever behind the gate.

Climb to the top of the rock in the middle of the location to reach the lever. You will find armor there. Use double jump to reach the lever and open the Classic Map located near the recently destroyed Gore Nest.

Follow the path towards the tunnel marked on the radar. Wait for the hatch to be lowered and land on it. Then proceed ahead.

To reach one floor higher, jump on the higher ground at the wall with number 1. Then jump to the nearby metal platform. You will find a hole above your head which you can climb through.

Press the button on your way and activate the fan. Do not jump to the shaft yet. Instead, go to the other side of the complex and turn off the activated fan. This will unlock a passage where a Combat Support Drone is waiting.

After selecting the upgrade, go back to the previously activated fan and jump on it. The air current will throw you to the corridor above. In the room on the left, you will find an Elite Guard. Search the room and then proceed ahead.

Get to the Lazarus elevator

Fight a group of demons in the room behind the door. After defeating them, thoroughly search all nearby rooms. You will find a Data Log in Prototype Lab 2 and another one in the Server Room.

After collecting the Data Logs, head towards Prototype Lab 01 and climb to the shaft on the right. Jump towards the machine in the middle and follow the tunnel to reach a collectible called Pinkguy.

Proceed to the Security Room and pick up the corpse lying there. You will need it to open the door leading to BFG Prime Lab, which can be found in the middle of the location.

To avoid the security lasers, walk to the other side and climb up the elevation in the middle. Wait for a bit and then jump onto one of the platforms that appear on the walls. When a large moving laser ring appears, wait for it to move upwards before destroying the four red brakes underneath it. This will make the ring fall and destroy the lasers below, allowing you to collect the BFG-9000. This powerful weapon has limited ammunition like the Chainsaw and can be used to hit all nearby targets with a powerful energy charge. Use it to defeat the demon army waiting below. After eliminating all enemies, use the panel in the middle and walk through the door on the right to reach the Rune Trial – Intimacy is Best. To complete the challenge quickly, shoot each Imp with a special pistol bullet charged slightly less than to the half to stun the demon and perform an execution on it. The rune received as a reward will speed up enemy stunning, allowing you to use Glory Kills faster. In the next room, blow up the Possessed Engineer to kill most of the demons. Destroy the Gore Nest in the room slightly further while collecting Quad Damage power-up and BFG ammunition on the top and bottom floors. Use the two pairs of teleports during the incoming battle to move between levels. After destroying the Gore Nest, use the panel next to the elevator to start the second battle where two Barons will attack you. Keep two BFG bullets to defeat them and stand on the platform in the middle after the last opponent\’s death to finish the level.


What is the Advanced Research Complex?

The Advanced Research Complex (ARC) is a location in the popular video game, Doom (2016). The ARC is a research facility established by the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) on Mars. The facility is home to several research projects, including the development of next-generation weapons, teleportation technology, and advanced robotics.

What is the objective of the Walkthrough in the Advanced Research Complex?

The objective of the Walkthrough in the ARC is to complete a series of tasks and objectives that are required to progress through the game. The player must navigate through the facility, fight off hordes of demons and possessed humans, and solve puzzles to unlock new areas and reveal the secrets of the ARC. The Walkthrough is an essential part of the game and requires skill, strategy, and persistence to complete.

What challenges can players expect to face during the Walkthrough in the Advanced Research Complex?

Players can expect to face several challenges during the Walkthrough in the ARC. The facility is infested with demons and possessed humans that will attack the player on sight. The player must use a variety of weapons and tactics to defeat these enemies and progress through the facility. Additionally, the ARC is full of traps, puzzles, and obstacles that must be overcome to progress. The Walkthrough also includes boss fights, which are challenging battles against powerful enemies with unique abilities and weaknesses. Overall, the Walkthrough in the ARC is a challenging and exciting experience that requires skill, strategy, and perseverance to complete.

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