Adjusting Game Speed in Two Point Campus

A Comprehensive Guide to Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus allows players to control the speed of the academic year. This guide provides instructions on how to adjust the game\’s speed, including how to speed up, slow down, and pause time altogether.

Learn how to influence the flow of time in Two Point Campus and discover the best times to change the game\’s speed in this guide.

To change the game\’s speed, simply use the four interface buttons shown in the image above. These buttons include:

  1. Pause – stops time completely, allowing you to focus on other aspects of campus management such as building new rooms or checking statistics.
  2. Slow speed – slows down time by about half.
  3. Normal speed
  4. High speed – significantly accelerates time, useful for completing objectives quickly.

It\’s important to find your optimal game speed setting and not rely solely on high speed, as important events can be easily missed, potentially harming your campus.


What is the default game speed in Two Point Campus?

The default game speed in Two Point Campus is 1x. This means that the game progresses in real-time, with one second in real life being equivalent to one second in the game. This speed is recommended for first-time players to fully experience the game.

How do I change the game speed in Two Point Campus?

To change the game speed, you can use the speed controls located at the bottom right of the game screen. There are four different speeds to choose from:

  • 0.5x: The game progresses at half the speed of real-time.
  • 1x: The default speed, where one second in real life is equivalent to one second in the game.
  • 2x: The game progresses at double the speed of real-time.
  • 3x: The game progresses at triple the speed of real-time.

Click on the speed control button to select the desired speed.

Can I pause the game in Two Point Campus?

Yes, you can pause the game by pressing the space bar on your keyboard. This will freeze the game and allow you to take a break or make important decisions without the game progressing.

Is there a limit to how many times I can change the game speed in Two Point Campus?

No, there is no limit to how many times you can change the game speed in Two Point Campus. You can switch between the four different speeds at any time during gameplay to suit your preferences or needs.

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