AC Valhalla Siege of Paris: The Madness of King Charles

This guide provides a detailed walkthrough for the main quest The Madness of King Charles in Assassin\’s Creed Valhalla.

In this section of the AC Valhalla Siege of Paris guide, you will find a detailed guide to complete The Madness of King Charles quest.

  • Locate and confront King Charles
  • Defeat King Charles
  • Find a way to spare King Charles\’ life

Locate and confront King Charles

The mission starts at the king\’s villa. Approach the door and learn that you need two keys.

The first key is in a room on the same floor. Just walk there and grab the key, nothing will stop you.

Finding the second key is more complicated. You need to push a wooden shelf on the upper floor. This will reveal boards that you can destroy.

You will find a key hidden in the vases. However, it\’s not the one you need.

Use that key to open the next locked door. You will find yourself in a room with the correct key.

Return to the main door after obtaining both keys.

Defeat King Charles

The fight with King Charles is unique. You can\’t damage him by attacking him in the usual way.

Focus on Charles\’ weak points – his head and left leg. You must shoot at them to stun him.

Drag the stunned Charles into the fire, and he will take a lot of damage. However, Charles will extinguish the flames. You can reignite them with a fire arrow or torch.

If you know what to do, the fight won\’t be challenging. You must drag Charles into the fire twice, and he will die.

Find a way to spare King Charles\’ life

Saving King Charles is straightforward. When you stun him the second time, don\’t pull him into the fire. Instead, lure him into a separate room and imprison him there.

If you spare King Charles, the Queen will thank you. However, if you kill him, the Queen will be angry with you.


What is the AC Valhalla Siege of Paris DLC about?

The AC Valhalla Siege of Paris DLC is an expansion to the main game that takes players on a journey to France during the Viking invasions. The focus of the DLC is the Siege of Paris, where players will be able to participate in epic battles and engage with historical figures such as King Charles the Mad. The story follows the Viking leader Eivor as they navigate the political landscape of France and try to establish a foothold in the country. The expansion adds new weapons, armor, and abilities to the game, as well as new enemies to face. It’s a must-play for fans of the main game who want to explore more of the Viking world.

Who is King Charles the Mad?

King Charles the Mad, also known as Charles VI, was a French monarch who ruled during the late Middle Ages. He is known for his bouts of mental illness, which led to erratic behavior and unpredictable outbursts. During his reign, France was embroiled in the Hundred Years’ War with England, and Charles struggled to maintain control of the country. He was eventually forced to sign the Treaty of Troyes, which disinherited his own son and made Henry V of England his heir. In the AC Valhalla Siege of Paris DLC, players will encounter King Charles as they navigate the political landscape of France and interact with historical figures from the time period.

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