AC Valhalla: Raven Mastery Challenge – Odin Mine Hideout

This guide is for Assassin\’s Creed Valhalla and will provide you with a walkthrough for the Raven Mastery Challenge available in the Odin Mine Hideout. This challenge is part of the side quest – The Cryptic Tutelage of Hildiran.

  • The Result
  • Gear
  • Medals
  • Abilities
  • Completing the Quest
  • Healing

The Result

The maximum score you can earn is 1,000 points. You\’ll only receive points for completing specific tasks:

  1. Air assassination – 702 points
  2. Maintaining anonymity – 200 points
  3. Eliminating all guards – 98 points

To maintain anonymity, not even one opponent can notice you, otherwise, this part of the challenge will fail. However, you won\’t receive points for killing enemies using daggers.


The gear is predetermined and cannot be changed. You\’ll wear:

  1. Arc of Elan
  2. Thrall\’s Tunic
  3. Thrall\’s Breeches
  4. Kopis
  5. Hundtoth


You can earn three medals in this challenge:

  1. Bronze – 300 points and above
  2. Silver – 600 points and more
  3. Gold – 1,000 points


The only ability you can use during this trial is Thorn of Slumber, which will allow you to put your opponents to sleep.

Completing the Quest

The challenge will end when you kill all the enemies, even if you haven\’t completed the other quests available on this map.


You won\’t be able to heal yourself during this challenge. However, your health points will regenerate as you protect yourself from attacks and move away from enemies every so often so your character can take a breather.


What is the Raven Mastery Challenge in AC Valhalla?

The Raven Mastery Challenge is a new challenge introduced in the latest update of Assassin\’s Creed Valhalla. It is a timed challenge that takes place in the Odin Mine Hideout and requires players to complete a series of tasks using their raven companion. The challenge has three difficulty levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, with each level bringing more difficult tasks and shorter time limits. The challenge rewards players with unique cosmetic items for successfully completing the tasks and achieving the highest mastery level.

How do I complete the Raven Mastery Challenge in AC Valhalla?

To complete the Raven Mastery Challenge in AC Valhalla, players must use their raven companion to complete a series of tasks within a set time limit. The tasks range from simple searches for specific items to more complex puzzles and combat challenges. Players must use their raven\’s abilities to complete the tasks quickly and efficiently. It is recommended that players practice with their raven companion before attempting the challenge to become familiar with its abilities. Completing the Bronze level of the challenge will unlock the Silver level, and completing the Silver level will unlock the Gold level. Players must achieve the highest mastery level to receive the unique cosmetic items as a reward.

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