AC Valhalla: Raven Mastery Challenge – Loligestone Bandit Camp

This guide provides a walkthrough for the Raven Mastery Challenge in Assassin\’s Creed Valhalla, specifically at the Lolingestone Bandit Camp. This is a part of the side quest – The Cryptic Tutelage of Hildiran.

  • The Result
  • Gear
  • Medals
  • Abilities
  • Completing the Quest
  • Healing

The Result

You can earn a maximum of 1,000 points by completing specific tasks:

  1. Air assassination – 495 points
  2. Edge assassination – 380 points
  3. Maintaining anonymity – 85 points
  4. Stealing all artifacts – 40 points

To maintain anonymity, you must not be noticed by any opponents.

You can use whistling to lure opponents if necessary.


The gear for this challenge is pre-determined and cannot be changed, including:

  1. Hidden Ones\’ Robes
  2. Hidden Ones\’ Leggings
  3. Hidden Ones\’ Mask
  4. Death-Skald
  5. Kopis
  6. Hundtoth
  7. Hidden Ones\’ Gloves
  8. Hidden Ones\’ Hood


You can earn bronze, silver, or gold medals depending on the number of points you earn:

  1. Bronze – 500 points and above
  2. Silver – 800 points and above
  3. Gold – 1,000 points


No abilities can be used in this challenge.

Completing the Quest

The challenge will end once you have collected all artifacts, even if you haven\’t completed other quests on the map.


You cannot heal yourself during this challenge, but your health points will regenerate over time as you avoid attacks and take breaks.


What is the Loligestone Bandit Camp in AC Valhalla?

The Loligestone Bandit Camp is a location in Assassin\’s Creed Valhalla that is part of the Raven Mastery Challenge. It is located in the region of Hamtunscire and can be found to the east of Readingum Abbey. The bandit camp is home to a group of ruthless thieves who have been terrorizing the surrounding area and causing trouble for the local people. Your mission is to infiltrate the camp and eliminate the bandits, freeing the prisoners they have taken captive and recovering any stolen goods.

How do I complete the Raven Mastery Challenge at Loligestone Bandit Camp?

To complete the Raven Mastery Challenge at Loligestone Bandit Camp, you will need to successfully infiltrate the camp and defeat all of the bandits within it. You must also free all of the prisoners that have been taken captive and recover any stolen items. The challenge is timed, so you will need to move quickly and efficiently in order to complete it within the given time limit. Your performance will be graded based on your completion time and the number of enemies defeated, so aim to be as thorough and efficient as possible.

What rewards can I earn by completing the Raven Mastery Challenge at Loligestone Bandit Camp?

By completing the Raven Mastery Challenge at Loligestone Bandit Camp, you can earn a variety of rewards, including experience points, silver, and unique items. If you are able to complete the challenge within the given time limit and with a high score, you may also earn a special Raven Clan cloak, which will be a valuable addition to your collection. Additionally, completing the challenge will contribute to your overall progress in the Raven Mastery Challenge, allowing you to unlock new challenges and rewards as you advance through the game.

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