AC Valhalla: Bear Mastery Challenge – Calleva Outpost

This guide will help you complete the Bear Mastery Challenge at Calleva Outpost in Assassin\’s Creed Valhalla, which is part of the side quest called The Cryptic Tutelage of Hildiran.

  • The Challenge Result
  • Gear Used
  • Medals Earned
  • Abilities Available
  • Completing the Challenge
  • Healing During the Challenge

The Challenge Result

You can earn up to 1,000 points in the Bear Mastery Challenge. You will receive points for specific tasks like kills with Rush & Bash, stun attack kills, and killing the target.

  1. Kills with Rush & Bash will give you 490 points.
  2. Stun attack kills will give you 360 points.
  3. Killing the target will give you 150 points.

To use the Rush & Bash ability, make sure the opponent is in front of Eivor and at the same height. Attack from any other direction will fail.

Gear Used

The gear used during the challenge is pre-determined and cannot be changed. You will wear Galloglach Trousers, Galloglach Helm, Galloglach Cape, Galloglach Bracers, and Galloglach Armor.

Medals Earned

You can earn bronze, silver, or gold medals in the challenge. Bronze is earned with 500 points or more, silver with 800 points or more, and gold with 1,000 points.

Abilities Available

The only ability you can use during the challenge is Rush & Bash. Use it to grab your opponent, slam them into a wall or push them off the edge.

Completing the Challenge

Kill all the targets to complete the challenge, even if you don\’t complete the other quests available on the map.

Healing During the Challenge

You cannot heal yourself during the challenge, but your health points will regenerate as you protect yourself from attacks and move away from enemies every so often to take a breather.


What is AC Valhalla: Bear Mastery Challenge – Calleva Outpost?

AC Valhalla: Bear Mastery Challenge – Calleva Outpost is a challenge in the video game Assassin\’s Creed Valhalla. This challenge requires the player to complete a series of tasks related to hunting bears, using specific weapons and tactics. The challenge takes place in the Calleva Outpost area of the game\’s map. The player must demonstrate their mastery of bear hunting by completing a variety of objectives, including killing bears with specific weapons, using bait to lure them, and tracking them through the wilderness. Successful completion of the challenge rewards the player with unique in-game items and achievements.

How do I start the Bear Mastery Challenge in AC Valhalla?

To start the Bear Mastery Challenge in AC Valhalla, the player must first have access to the Calleva Outpost area of the game\’s map. Once there, they must locate the challenge area and interact with the quest giver. The quest giver will provide the player with instructions on how to proceed with the challenge, including what weapons and tactics to use. The player must then complete the objectives of the challenge to earn rewards and progress to the next level of the challenge.

What are the rewards for completing the Bear Mastery Challenge in AC Valhalla?

The rewards for completing the Bear Mastery Challenge in AC Valhalla include unique in-game items and achievements. These items may include weapons, armor, and other useful objects that can aid the player in their adventures. In addition to these rewards, completing the challenge also demonstrates the player\’s mastery of bear hunting in the game, which can be a source of pride and satisfaction for those who enjoy the game\’s hunting mechanics. Overall, the Bear Mastery Challenge is a fun and rewarding way to test one\’s skills and explore the game\’s world in new and exciting ways.

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