AC Odyssey: Volcanic Islands Side Quests

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The two volcanic islands, Thassos and Lemnos, located in the northern part of the Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey world map, are homes to a few side missions. Although the islands don\’t have many side quests, we\’ve outlined all of them to help you complete your Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey game.

  • Tough Love
  • Have You Seen My Mikoss?
  • Retribution

Tough Love

Mission start: Speak to the man.

Description: You will need to talk to Mikoss after speaking with the man. Once the second conversation is over, you\’ll unlock another task – Have You Seen My Mikoss?

Have You Seen My Mikoss?

This mission has three sub-sections – Doctor\’s Pet, School of Hard Knocks, and Indulging Just a Little.

Doctor\’s Pet starts with a chat with a man at Aliki Quarry. After the conversation, go to Silver Mines and rescue the doctor. The doctor is in the cave, and you can wait until your opponents come out before freeing him.

Your next task is to eliminate the two men who kidnapped the doctor. They are in Koinyra Fortress. It is best to use a bow to defeat the perpetrators so that you don\’t have to fight your way through the entire enemy camp. After killing both men, the mission will end.

The School of Hard Knocks requires you to fight multiple skirmishes on the school grounds. First, you\’ll have to show your skills to the man and his students. Only when you beat them will the main opponent come out. There will be more students who want to help their trainer during the fight. Defeat them all, and the mission will end.

Indulging Just a Little is the last task mentioned. Its first part involves reaching Karpos\’ house, destroying exotic wine, and killing his servants.

After completing the first part of the task, go to the Silenos cave. There are two guards in front of the cave. Get rid of them quietly, or they will interfere during the mission. You must retrieve two athletes from the cave. You can do this quietly, avoiding all enemies, or get rid of all of them first and then release the athletes without any issues.

After leaving the cave, the athletes will discover that one of them was drugged, and he goes insane. Killing him will complete the mission.


Mission start: Automatically after completing the Have You Seen My Mikoss? mission.

Description: Start the mission by talking to the doctor. He\’ll send you to Mikoss\’ house. Once there, you\’ll find out that a large fire has broken out. Eliminate all opponents and speak with Mikoss.

Mikoss will request that you kill a cultist general. Go to Ancient Stronghold and defeat the general. This will complete the mission.


1. What are the Volcanic Islands in AC Odyssey?

The Volcanic Islands are a cluster of islands located in the southern part of the Greek world in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey. These islands are a group of volcanic islands that are known for their harsh terrain and extreme heat. The islands are home to a variety of creatures, including lions, bears, and wolves. These islands are also home to a number of side quests that players can complete to gain experience and rewards.

2. What are Side Quests in AC Odyssey?

Side Quests are additional missions that players can undertake in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey. These missions are not part of the main storyline, but they offer players a chance to explore the game world, meet new characters, and gain experience and rewards. Side Quests are often smaller in scope than main story missions, but they can still be very rewarding. They can be found throughout the game world and are marked on the map with an exclamation point.

3. How do I complete Side Quests in AC Odyssey?

To complete a Side Quest in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey, players must first find the quest giver. Once they have found the quest giver, they will need to listen to the quest details and then complete the objective. Some Side Quests are simple and can be completed quickly, while others are more complex and require multiple steps. Players should pay attention to the quest details and follow them carefully to ensure they complete the quest successfully. Once the quest is completed, players will receive experience and rewards.

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