AC Odyssey: Side Quests in Phokis

Our Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey guide and walkthrough presents a detailed overview of all side quests in the Phokis region.

In this section, you will find a list of the following side quests:

  • A Pirate\’s Life
  • Crewless
  • Age is Just a Number
  • Photio\’s Pre-Tirement
  • The Daughters of Artemis
  • Helping a Healer
  • Sins of the Past
  • The Unkindest Cut

A Pirate\’s Life

Quest starting location: Isle of Thisvi, have a conversation with the survivor.

Description: On the island, you\’ll meet Tekton, who asks you to find his brother. Travel to Pirate\’s Island in the south to locate him.

You\’ll need to defeat a group of scoundrels and free the prisoner from the cage. Afterward, go a little further and talk to the man, but unfortunately, he won\’t survive. Tell the sad news to Tekton who is on your boat. You\’ll earn +3000 XP and complete the mission.


Quest starting location: Pilgrim\’s Landing, Coastline, Docks.

Description: Talk to the woman about the loss of her cargo and companion from their expedition.

Go to the bay on the right side of the Hill of the Sacred War and dive to find the cargo. Watch out for sharks that will attack you. You won\’t find the item you\’re searching for when you open the chest.

You must enter a nearby military camp and recover the stolen item. Tell Gelon that all of her crew are dead, and you can offer the woman to join your crew. The mission will be completed, and you\’ll earn +3300 XP.

Age is Just a Number

Quest starting location: Area near the Delphi Temple.

Description: Close to the temple, you\’ll find an elderly woman who is extremely vital. You\’ll need to create a special mixture from the body parts of killed animals. Find and hunt a bear and a deer, then search their carcasses to obtain the items you need. Return to the old lady, and you can complete the quest or romance with her in the backroom. Once chosen, the quest will end, and you\’ll earn +3300 XP.

Photio\’s Pre-Tirement

Quest starting location: Area near the Delphi Temple.

Description: Search the caves near the temple to eliminate the priests inside. The enemies are weak, so you\’ll quickly defeat them.

The next location is the Desfina Fort, where you have to find and get sapphires. There are many soldiers on site, making it more difficult. After finding the precious jewels, bring them to Photios, and the mission will end. You\’ll receive +3300 XP.

The Daughters of Artemis

Quest starting location: Area near the Temple of Artemis.

Description: When you arrive at the location, you will meet a woman named Daphnae who will inform you of a dangerous creature in the area, the Caledonian Boar. Your task is to defeat the beast and bring back its skin to her.

As a reward for completing this quest, you will receive +3700 XP and a legendary bow. Additionally, you will begin your hunt for 6 other beasts in Greece. Further details on these quests can be found in separate chapters of this guide.

Assisting a Healer

Quest starting location: Near Sacred Lands of Apollo.

Description: When you arrive at the location, you will meet Lykaon, a healer who will ask you to gather 5 plants for him.

The plants can be found nearby on a hill. Use your eagle to mark them for easy harvesting. Return with the flowers to Lykaon, who will then ask you to provide medicine to three locals. Follow his instructions and complete the quest to receive a reward of +3700 XP.

Mistakes of the Past

Quest starting location: After completing the previous quest.

Description: Follow Lykaon and search the area for clues. Examine the flowers in the center of the building, speak to a peasant, and investigate the ashes at the back of the house. Report your findings to Lykaon to complete the quest and earn +3700 XP.

A Cruel Fate

Quest starting location: After completing the previous quest.

Description: Your mission is to rescue Praxithea, who is being held captive on a nearby farm. Fight off the bandits and save the woman, then take her to a safe location to speak with her.

You have the option to instruct Lykaen to kill her, protest against violence, or personally kill her yourself. After making your choice, you can flirt with Lykaen to end the quest and earn +4625 XP.


1. What are the side quests available in Phokis in AC Odyssey?

In Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey, Phokis is a region located in the central part of the map. There are several side quests available in Phokis that players can complete to earn rewards and experience. Some of the notable side quests in Phokis are The Wolf Hunt, A Heart for a Head, and The Serpent\’s Lair. The Wolf Hunt involves tracking down and killing a vicious wolf that is terrorizing a village. A Heart for a Head requires the player to find and retrieve a missing head for a statue. The Serpent\’s Lair is a more complex quest that involves infiltrating a cult and uncovering their plans. These quests offer a mix of combat, puzzle-solving, and exploration, and are a great way to expand your gameplay experience in AC Odyssey.

2. How do I start a side quest in Phokis in AC Odyssey?

To start a side quest in Phokis, players need to explore the region and look for NPCs with quest markers above their heads. Talking to these NPCs will initiate the quest and provide the player with a set of objectives to complete. Some side quests may also become available as part of the main story. Players can track their active side quests by opening the quest log in the game menu. Completing side quests in Phokis and other regions will reward the player with experience, gear, and other valuable items.

3. Are side quests important in AC Odyssey?

Side quests are an important aspect of AC Odyssey\’s gameplay. They offer a way to explore the game\’s world, learn more about its characters and lore, and earn valuable rewards. Completing side quests also provides the player with experience, which is necessary to level up and progress through the game. Some side quests may also have an impact on the game\’s story and lead to different endings. While it is possible to complete the main story without doing any side quests, players who skip them will miss out on a significant portion of the game\’s content and may find themselves underleveled for later challenges.

4. Can I replay side quests in AC Odyssey?

Yes, players can replay side quests in AC Odyssey by using the quest log in the game menu. Selecting a completed quest from the log will allow the player to replay it from the beginning. However, replaying a quest will not provide any additional rewards or experience, and the quest will play out the same way as it did the first time. Replayability is a nice feature that allows players to revisit their favorite side quests or try different approaches to completing them, but it is not necessary to enjoy the game\’s content.

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