AC Odyssey: Sailing and Managing Your Ship

Our Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey guide and walkthrough provides you with all the necessary information on how to manage Adrestia, the most important ship in the game. You\’ll learn how to participate in naval battles, upgrade your ship, and recruit new crew members.

  • How to Get Access to Adrestia?
  • Travelling on Adrestia
  • Naval Battles in Adrestia
  • Ending Naval Battles
  • Upgrading Adrestia
  • Recruiting New Crew Members for Adrestia
  • Storing Items in Chests

How to Get Access to Adrestia?

You\’ll become the owner of Adrestia after completing a few starting missions in Assassin\’s Creed: Odyssey. This happens about 60-90 minutes into the game, before you leave Kephallonia. Simply follow the main storyline until you reach The Big Break main quest.

During this quest, you\’ll meet a ship builder and deal with Cyclops, a powerful mercenary who threatens the locals. Defeat Cyclops and his men, then reach Barnabas and free him. Barnabas is the captain of Adrestia and will make you the owner of the ship.

Adrestia is docked in Sami harbor, and you can now sail from Kephallonia, marking the end of the first chapter.

Travelling on Adrestia

Adrestia allows you to travel to any place in the game, but keep in mind that every region has a suggested experience level. Sailing closer to a high-level region may lead to a situation where your ship will be attacked by a very powerful unit.

To sail faster or loose enemy vessels, press the separate key for making sails. You cannot attack other ships until you drop the sails. The ship always moves in the same way, regardless of weather conditions.

Look for loot – sail towards a chest and press the interaction button to pick it up. You can also sail towards question marks on the sea – most of them inform you about an underwater treasure.

Adrestia can be docked in harbors, which are neutral locations where no one will attack you. Adrestia is also a \”mobile\” fast travel point.

Engaging in Naval Warfare

Prior to approaching another ship, it is advisable to use Ikaros for a quick reconnaissance. This will provide information on the ship\’s flag, which can be useful when trying to avoid pirates or fulfilling quests that require sinking ships of a certain nation.

If you are attacked by pirates, or your crew initiates a battle, it is important to check the crew level of the hostile ship. It is recommended to retreat if the enemy ship has a higher level than yours.

The basics of naval combat can be learned during the Learning the Ropes main quest. At first, bows and spears are the primary weapons used to attack other ships. It is important to aim precisely to hit the target with as many arrows or spears as possible. As the game progresses, Fire Braziers become unlocked, allowing for the use of fire arrows and spears.

Aside from these weapons, ramming into an enemy ship is also an option. Ordering your crew to row faster will increase the ship\’s speed, allowing for a more effective ramming maneuver.

Enemy ships can also attack Adrestia, so it is important to react to signals indicating that the enemy is preparing to fire. Holding down the Brace button will help minimize the damage. The same applies when an enemy unit is attempting to board Adrestia.

When facing multiple enemy ships, it is recommended to attack them one at a time, starting with the weakest and easiest to sink or immobilize.

Later in the game, the Fire Braziers upgrade can be purchased. This upgrade allows for the use of flaming arrows and javelins to attack enemy ships. However, there is a limit to the use of this upgrade. The yellow bar at the bottom of the screen must be charged by performing standard attacks. Once at least one segment is filled, flaming arrows or javelins can be released, causing the enemy ship to lose energy points at a higher rate.

Ending a Naval Battle

Naval battles can end in three ways. The recommended methods are either sinking the enemy ship or boarding and capturing it. To sink an enemy ship, it must be reduced to low energy levels. Then, direct your ship to hit the side of the enemy ship while holding down the Ramming Speed button to increase impact force.

To end a sea battle, there are two recommended methods. The first is to weaken the enemy ship and then ram it. The second is to perform a boarding by swimming to the weakened ship and holding down the boarding button. Once on board, kill the sailors and use the Spartan kick to push enemies into the water. After winning, search the ship\’s chest for loot. Both methods provide rewards and renew Adrestia\’s energy bar.

The final way to end a battle is to shoot the enemy ship with arrows or javelins until it sinks. However, this method yields less loot and does not renew Adrestia\’s energy bar.

Upgrading Adrestia

Adrestia can be upgraded at any time by selecting the Ship tab in the menu. Upgrades are divided into three main categories: Arsenal, Weapon Damage, and Ship & Crew Endurance. All upgrades are useful, but the most important ones are Arrow Volleys, Hull, and Fire Braziers. Arrow Volleys adds a new volley with each upgrade level. Hull increases the ship\’s strength and unlocks a new slot for a lieutenant. Fire Braziers allows the use of flaming arrows and javelins for more efficient weakening of enemy ships. However, upgrades are expensive and should not be done at the beginning of the game.

Recruiting Lieutenants

Lieutenants can be placed in active slots on board of a ship and provide various benefits. The first lieutenant is recruited as part of the main plot, and further slots can be unlocked by upgrading the hull. NPCs can be recruited by completing related quests or by approaching a stunned opponent and offering them a job on the ship. Each NPC has different statistics that can impact the ship\’s abilities.

Overall, there are two main ways to end a sea battle, upgrade Adrestia, and recruit lieutenants. By using these strategies, you can become a skilled and powerful naval commander in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey.

To recruit any NPC in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey, use Icaros the eagle to \”scan\” them. Each enemy is marked with a color indicating their skill level, so look for violet and gold NPCs, such as fort commanders or mercenaries hunting for your hero. However, stronger enemies are capable of withstanding a standard stun attack from behind, so it\’s recommended to acquire the Spartan kick ability, one of the level 1 skills. Weaken the enemy with a standard attack and use the Spartan kick to stun them, then recruit them once they\’re defeated. Additionally, the 1.0.3 update has added a chest on the Adrestia where you can store up to 350 items, including legendary items and those requiring a higher level than your own.


What is ship management in AC Odyssey?

Ship management in AC Odyssey is a crucial part of the game. Players can upgrade their ship, the Adrestia, by recruiting new crew members, upgrading weapons and armor, and adding new features such as a ramming or fire attack. Players can also customize the appearance of their ship with different sails, figureheads, and paint jobs. Ship management is important because the Adrestia is the player\’s primary mode of transportation on the open seas, and players will encounter a variety of challenges including enemy ships, sea creatures, and storms. By improving the Adrestia, players will have a better chance of survival and success in their quests.

What is sailing like in AC Odyssey?

Sailing in AC Odyssey is a fun and immersive experience. Players can navigate the open seas in the Adrestia, using the wind to their advantage and avoiding obstacles such as rocks and other ships. Players can also engage in naval combat, using the Adrestia\’s weapons and crew members to take down enemy ships. Sailing is not just a means of transportation but also an opportunity for exploration and discovery. Players can discover hidden islands, underwater ruins, and other secrets by venturing off the beaten path. Overall, sailing in AC Odyssey is a thrilling and rewarding experience that adds depth to the game\’s world and gameplay.

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