AC Odyssey: Messara, Side Quests

Our guide for Assassin\’s Creed: Odyssey contains a detailed walkthrough and location of side quests found on Messara. The island offers a dozen of side quests. Some are easy and require you to bring a few items, while others consist of multiple objectives.

  • Civil Unrest
  • Say That Again!
  • The Lost Arkalochori Axe
  • Catch and Release
  • Flowers for the Dead
  • Myths and Minotaurs
  • Minotaurs and People
  • He waits
  • Bare It All
  • It\’s Complicated
  • Gortyn Out of Hand
  • Revenge Served Cold

Civil Unrest

To start, speak with the tailor. Your objective is to speak with three other men, two of which are guarded by enemies. After that, return to the tailor who has left a letter challenging you. Go to the appointed spot and defeat Captain Diokles and his men.

Say That Again!

Speak with the man to start. Your objective is to bring five pieces of obsidian glass.

The Lost Arkalochori Axe

To start, speak with the woman. Your objective is to find the axe in Arkalochori Cave, which lies next to a treasure at the end of the location. Bring the item back to the woman to complete this quest.

Catch and Release

To start, speak with the woman. Your objective is to find the woman\’s fisherman husband by going to the fishing spot, killing the enemies, and then returning to the woman. You don\’t have to bring her husband with you.

Flowers for the Dead

Speak to the man under the tree to start. Head to the peak of Mt Ida and find the red flowers. Bring some of them to the man to complete the mission.

Myths and Minotaurs

Examine the items lying across the camp to start. This mission is a short introduction to something bigger. A boy will tell you his story and show you the entrance to the labyrinth, unlocking subsequent missions.

Minotaurs and People

This mission consists of three sub-quests: Recollections, Full Circle, and Blood in the Water

To start Recollections, bring two pieces of armor to a man. Both parts can be found in enemy camps marked on the map. Collecting both of them will complete the mission.

The Full Circle mission involves freeing a man from the Phaistos Theatre while eliminating all enemies along the way to ensure his safe escape. Once the man is escorted to a secure location, the mission is complete. Blood in the Water is the final sub-task, which requires investigating the Fisherman\’s Beachhead area for information before heading to the Hermit\’s Dive oasis to confront one of the Kosmos Cultists. The He Waits mission requires defeating the Minotaur by navigating through the labyrinth and avoiding the opponent\’s long-range axe attacks. In the Bare It All mission, the player must kill animals stalking Pandaros and free him. In It\’s Complicated, the player investigates a corpse and speaks with the deceased man\’s family to find Isabel\’s corpse in Kydonia. Gortyn Out of Hand requires the player to find and kill three marked targets on the map before returning to Ptolemy to complete the mission. Finally, to complete Revenge Served Cold, the player must kill ten captains from the camps on Messara island.


What are the Side Quests in Messara in AC Odyssey?

Messara is home to several Side Quests in AC Odyssey. These include A God Among Men, Dagger to the Heart, Death Comes for Us All, Equal Employment Opportunity Program, One Bad Spartan Spoils the Bunch, and Red in the Wreckage. Each Side Quest has its own unique story and objectives. Completing them can reward players with experience points, valuable items, and even legendary gear. Players can access the Side Quests by speaking to the various NPCs scattered throughout Messara.

How do I start the A God Among Men Side Quest in AC Odyssey?

The A God Among Men Side Quest in AC Odyssey can be started by speaking to the NPC, Testikles, in the city of Knossos in Messara. Testikles can be found in the arena, where he will challenge the player to a series of battles. Completing the battles will unlock the A God Among Men quest. The quest requires players to gather various ingredients to help Testikles create a miracle potion. Completing the quest will reward players with experience points and the Testikles the Olympian trophy.

What is the Equal Employment Opportunity Program Side Quest in AC Odyssey?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Program is a Side Quest in AC Odyssey that can be accessed in Messara. The quest requires players to help an NPC named Diona to recruit new workers for her vineyard. Players will need to complete various tasks, including rescuing workers from bandits and convincing others to join the vineyard. Completing the quest will reward players with experience points and valuable items, as well as increase their reputation with Diona\’s vineyard. This Side Quest also has multiple outcomes depending on the choices players make throughout the quest.

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