AC Odyssey: Map of Makedonia – Tombs, Ostracons, Documents, and Secrets

Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey Guide and Walkthrough

In this section of our Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey guide, we present a map of Makedonia, a region in the northern part of the game world. Although not very eventful, the map indicates all available side activities, including viewpoints, tombs, animal lairs, Ancient Tablets and Ainigmata Ostraka.

  • Overview of Makedonia
  • Tombs
  • Ainigmata Ostraka
  • Ancient Tablets
  • Romantic Interests

Overview of Makedonia

1. You can access Makedonia right from the start of the game, as there are no restrictions on entry.

2. The recommended hero experience level for this region is 38, but it is not strictly necessary to explore. The majority of the western part of the map is free of aggressive enemies.

3. Amphipolis is the main city of this region and is home to the leader\’s house, a viewpoint, an information board, and a blacksmith.


There are no tombs in Makedonia.

Ainigmata Ostraka

There is only one Ainigmata Ostraka in Makedonia, called \”Helios\’s Greeting,\” which can be found in the Leader\’s House.

Ancient Tablets

There is only one ancient stone tablet in this region, located in a place called \”Xerxes\’s Sacrifice of the Nine.\”

Romantic Interests

There are no opportunities for love or romance in Makedonia.


What is Makedonia Map in AC Odyssey?

Makedonia Map is a region in the game AC Odyssey that is unlocked after the main questline is completed. It is located in the northern part of Greece and has a large number of tombs, ostracons, documents, and secrets. The map is vast and contains many different terrains, from snowy mountain peaks to lush forests. Players can explore the region to find hidden treasures and complete quests.

What are some secrets to uncover in Makedonia Map in AC Odyssey?

Makedonia Map in AC Odyssey has a lot of secrets to uncover. Players can find hidden tombs, ostracons, documents, and other artifacts that reveal interesting facts about the region. There are also several quests that players can complete to uncover more secrets. One of the most interesting secrets to uncover in Makedonia Map is the location of the legendary sword of Leonidas. This sword is hidden somewhere in the region and can only be found by completing a series of quests. Players can also find hidden caves, ruins, and other locations that contain valuable loot and artifacts.

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