AC Odyssey: Map of Hephaistos Islands – Discover Tombs, Ostracons, Documents, and Secrets

A Guide and Walkthrough for Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey

Within this section of the Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey guide, we have provided a map of the Hephaistos Islands. This archipelago is composed of the islands of Lemnos and Thasos and boasts a plethora of activities and intriguing locations. The map depicts marked tombs, animal lairs, viewpoints, and numerous other interesting places.

  • Essential Information About the Hephaistos Islands
  • Exploring Tombs
  • Discovering Ainigmata Ostraka
  • Ancient Tablets
  • Romantic Encounters

Essential Information About the Hephaistos Islands

1. The Hephaistos Islands are spread apart from each other. You can travel between them via a ship or by using the viewpoints.

2. The recommended character level for this region is 48. However, if you have a character with a lower level of experience, you can freely explore the islands. Yet, it is best to avoid dangerous animals and areas guarded by foes.

3. Thasos is a more urbanized island, featuring a city with an information board, port, temple, and estates.

Exploring Tombs

Within the Hephaistos Islands, there are two tombs to explore: the Abandoned Tomb and the Parmenon Tomb.

Discovering Ainigmata Ostraka

There is only one Ainigmata Ostraka located within the Hephaistos Islands:

  1. Hungry for Misadventure – it can be found within the Ancient Stronghold.

Ancient Tablets

There are no ancient tablets to be found within the Hephaistos Islands.

Romantic Encounters

While within this area, you will encounter Mikkos. In order to initiate a romantic relationship with him, you must complete several side quests commissioned by him.


What are the Hephaistos Islands in AC Odyssey?

The Hephaistos Islands are a group of small islands located in the northeastern part of the map in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey. These islands are named after Hephaestus, the Greek god of blacksmiths and fire. The islands are known for their many tombs, ostracons, documents, and secrets that players can discover and explore. In addition to these exciting locations, the Hephaistos Islands are also home to many hostile enemies, including mercenaries and soldiers that players will need to defeat in order to progress through the game.

What can players find on the Hephaistos Islands in AC Odyssey?

Players can find a variety of interesting locations and secrets on the Hephaistos Islands in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey. Some of the most notable locations include various tombs, which contain valuable loot and powerful gear that players can use to improve their character. Additionally, the islands are home to many ostracons, which are ancient puzzles that players can solve to unlock powerful engravings for their weapons and armor. The islands also contain many documents and secrets that players can discover by exploring the various ruins and ancient structures scattered throughout the area. Overall, the Hephaistos Islands are an exciting and rewarding location for players to explore in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey.

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