AC Odyssey: Making Money Every Day

Our Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey Guide and Walkthrough continues with the Debt Collector mission.

In this chapter, we will guide you through the Debt Collector mission in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey.

The Debt Collector Mission

Upon speaking to Marocs, you\’ll discover that Phoebe has been kidnapped and is being held on Ktymena Beach. Once you reach the location, the protagonist will hide in the grass and begin stealthily eliminating enemies. Use this opportunity to hone your stealth attack skills, which are highly effective in instantly killing or heavily damaging opponents. Once you\’ve cleared the area of enemies, free the girl.

Now, head to Sami, a city near the Koliadai tower, where you\’ll find Duris the merchant. Your objective is to collect a debt from him. You have three options for resolving this: destroy his vases to force payment, allow him to not pay (and receive a sword as a token of gratitude), or kill him.

Report back to Marcos and inform him of your success. Then, follow Drucilla to her workshop, where you\’ll unlock the ability to use the bow. Test out your new weapon by shooting targets, and the mission will be successfully completed. Reward: +825 XP.


What is AC Odyssey?

Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey is an action role-playing video game developed by Ubisoft Quebec and published by Ubisoft. It is the eleventh major installment, and twenty-first overall, in the Assassin\’s Creed series and the successor to 2017\’s Assassin\’s Creed Origins. The game is set in Ancient Greece and features the player character, Alexios or Kassandra, as a mercenary who is able to fight for either Athens or Sparta. The game also features naval combat and exploration. The game was released on October 5, 2018, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

What is Drachmas?

Drachma is the currency used in the game Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey. Drachmas are used to purchase various items, such as weapons, armor, and upgrades for the player character. Drachmas can be earned by completing quests, looting enemies and chests, and selling items. Players can also purchase Drachmas using real-world currency through microtransactions. However, the use of microtransactions is optional and the game can be completed without spending real money.

Is AC Odyssey worth playing?

Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey is worth playing for fans of the Assassin\’s Creed series and those who enjoy action role-playing games set in historical settings. The game offers a vast open-world to explore, diverse quests and missions, and an engaging story. The game also offers various dialogue options that affect the story and relationships with other characters. The naval combat and exploration add to the game\’s variety. However, the game may not be for everyone as it requires a significant time investment and some players may find the gameplay repetitive. Overall, for those who enjoy the genre, AC Odyssey is a well-crafted and enjoyable game.

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