AC Odyssey: Lykaon – Romance

Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey Guide and Walkthrough

In Assassin\’s Creed: Odyssey, players can encounter a young healer named Lykaon with whom they can pursue an intimate relationship. This guide provides information on where to find Lykaon and how to initiate and deepen a romance with him.

  • Locating Lykaon
  • First Encounter with Lykaon
  • Completing Quests for Lykaon
  • Final Meeting with Lykaon

Locating Lykaon

Lykaon can be found in Phokis, a location players visit during the game\’s main story. After visiting the secret headquarters of the secret cult beneath the temple of Apollo, a marker will appear on the map for a side quest. This marker is located in Chora of Delphi, near the Pythia Oracle\’s house. It is in the central part of Phokis, west of the temple of Apollo.

First Encounter with Lykaon

To initiate a romance with Lykaon, players must talk to him and select the dialogue option marked with a heart icon. They must also accept Lykaon\’s first side quest, \”Helping a Healer,\” which involves finding ingredients for medicine.

Completing Quests for Lykaon

Players must complete three side quests assigned by Lykaon:

  1. Helping a Healer – Defeat wolves and collect mandragora. Deliver the medicine to sick villagers.
  2. Sins of the Past – Accompany Lykaon to his grandmother\’s house, investigate a kidnapping, and promise to find the woman.
  3. The Unkindest Cut – Locate and free Praxithea from her captors.

Final Meeting with Lykaon

During a conversation with Praxithea, Lykaon appears. Players must select the dialogue option that avoids violence and then select the heart icon dialogue option to kiss and sleep with Lykaon. Each side quest completed offers different rewards, with the final quest rewarding the Helm of Prophecy.


1. What is the Lykaon romance in AC Odyssey?

The Lykaon romance is a romantic storyline in the video game Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey. It involves the player character, Kassandra or Alexios, and a character named Lykaon, who is a doctor and healer in the game world. The romance begins when the player first meets Lykaon and has the option to flirt with him. As the player progresses through the game, they can continue to build their relationship with Lykaon, eventually resulting in a romantic encounter.

2. Can I romance Lykaon as either Kassandra or Alexios?

Yes, the Lykaon romance is available to both Kassandra and Alexios, the two playable characters in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey. Regardless of which character the player chooses, they will have the option to flirt with Lykaon and pursue a romantic relationship with him. The choice to pursue the romance is up to the player, and they can choose to ignore the romantic storyline altogether if they wish.

3. How does the Lykaon romance affect the game\’s story?

The Lykaon romance is a side storyline in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey and does not directly affect the main plot of the game. However, the romance can add depth and emotional weight to the player\’s experience of the game, as well as providing a unique and interesting character to interact with. Additionally, depending on the player\’s choices, the outcome of the romance can have consequences for Lykaon and his role in the game\’s world.

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