AC Odyssey: Lokris, Side Quests

Our Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey guide presents all the side quests available in Lokris.

  • Family Values
  • Confiscated

Family Values

Quest starting location: Beach, near the Leader\’s House.

Description: You will find a boy who has locked himself in a cage to avoid fulfilling the prophecy that says that his parents are injured. First, you need to visit the local blacksmith to retrieve a sword. The man will agree to give it away, but first, you have to get some flowers for him.

Go to a nearby hill, use the eagle to locate a few plants, and defeat a few wild beasts residing nearby. Return with the plants to the blacksmith, and if you want, you can get into an affair with him. When you obtain the sword, return to the family at the cage, and the mission will be completed. Reward: +4100 XP.


Quest starting location: After finishing the previous quest.

Description: To the left of the river, you will find a bandit camp. Enter the camp and kill the leader. Search his corpse and retrieve the shield you need. Return to Supideo with the item to complete the quest. Reward: +4500 XP.


What are some of the side quests available in Lokris in AC Odyssey?

There are a number of side quests available to players in the Lokris region of AC Odyssey. These include the quest \”One Bad Spartan Spoils the Bunch,\” which involves helping a group of Spartans who have been ambushed by Athenians. Another quest, called \”Grin and Bear It,\” requires players to help a man named Kyros find a rare bear pelt. There is also the quest \”A Specific General,\” which requires players to assassinate a specific general in the area. Finally, there is the quest \”Caged and Enraged,\” which involves rescuing a prisoner who has been captured by bandits.

What is the recommended level for completing the side quests in Lokris?

The recommended level for completing the side quests in Lokris in AC Odyssey is around level 11-13. This is because the enemies in the area are around this level, and players may struggle if they attempt the quests at a lower level. It is also recommended that players complete the main story quests up until the point where they unlock the Lokris region, as this will give them a better understanding of the game mechanics and prepare them for the challenges ahead.

Are there any unique rewards for completing the side quests in Lokris?

Yes, there are unique rewards available for completing the side quests in Lokris in AC Odyssey. For example, completing the quest \”Grin and Bear It\” will reward players with a rare bear pelt that can be used to upgrade their equipment. The quest \”A Specific General\” rewards players with a legendary weapon, while completing \”Caged and Enraged\” grants players a unique piece of armor. Overall, completing the side quests in Lokris is a great way to earn valuable rewards and enhance the overall gameplay experience.

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