AC Odyssey: Land of the Lawless

This is a guide and walkthrough for Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey.

This page contains walkthroughs for the following quests: To Find a Girl, To Help a Girl, Port of Lawlessness, Monger Down.

  • To Find a Girl
  • To Help a Girl
  • Follow That Boat
  • Port of Lawlessness
  • Monger Down

To Find a Girl

In Korinthia, you need to find a girl and reach Akrokorinth. Kill the bandits threatening the worshippers and speak with the people you saved. They point you to another place where you meet Phoibe. Speak with her and then talk to Anthousa. You receive another mission from the woman, completing the quest and receiving 10,875 XP. You can complete the next few quests in any order.

To Help a Girl

Go to the client\’s house and meet Phoibe. Let her speak about what she heard in the suspect\’s house, which gives you clues for the upcoming dialog. Enter the house and speak with the person. The correct dialog lines are: \”You have a meeting at Phaia\’s pig farm,\” \”Getting a deed to some land,\” and \”Lastly, you have to choose the option with Deinomenes.\” These dialog lines will allow you to solve the conflict without bloodshed. Speak with Phoibe and go to the marker. Defeat a few enemies and then destroy a few vases that block the entrance. Examine the clues inside, where a mysterious man appears and kidnaps Phoibe. Speak with him and then kill him. Go back to Damalis and give your report, receiving 8,700 XP.

Follow That Boat

Speak with Erinna and embark on a journey to the port. Go back on your boat and follow Kleio\’s kidnappers. Attack the ship, deal enough damage, and then board it. You now have to make a choice – you can order the woman to go back to Korinth or you can take her to Mykonos. Go back to Erinna and tell her about everything. Rewards: 8,700 XP.

Port of Lawlessness

Burn the goods in the warehouse that belongs to the Monger. Go there, defeat a few enemies, and then start burning the goods. Watch a cut-scene during which you will meet Brasidas. Speak with the man and then kill the enemies outside the warehouse. Speak with Brasidas again. This ends the quest, receiving 8,700 XP.

Monger Down

Go to the Monger\’s cave. Watch a cut-scene and then fight with the Monger, who is a member of the Cult of Kosmos. Eliminate his minions first, and then deal with the Monger.

It\’s time to decide – either kill the man in the cave or take him to the theater for execution. This decision will affect your relationship with Brasidas, so choose wisely. If you want to maintain good relations with him, kill the man right here and now. This quest marks the end of the main storyline in Korinth and rewards you with 10,875 XP.


What is AC Odyssey: Land of the Lawless?

AC Odyssey: Land of the Lawless is the latest expansion of the popular action-adventure game Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey. This expansion is set in the land of Mykonos and Delos, which are part of the Greek world. The expansion features new stories and quests that players can explore. It also introduces new characters and enemies for players to encounter.

What new features does AC Odyssey: Land of the Lawless offer?

AC Odyssey: Land of the Lawless offers many new features to players. The expansion introduces new stories and quests for players to explore, along with new characters and enemies. It also features new weapons, armor, and abilities that players can acquire and use to defeat their enemies. The expansion also adds new gameplay mechanics, such as the ability to recruit lieutenants for your ship, and a new mercenary system that allows players to hunt down and defeat powerful opponents. Additionally, AC Odyssey: Land of the Lawless offers new areas to explore, including the islands of Mykonos and Delos.

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