AC Odyssey: Korinthia, Side Quest

This guide and walkthrough for Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey covers all available side quests in Korinthia. Each quest includes location details, a walkthrough, and a list of rewards.

Handle of Care

This mission begins when you speak to Alikibiade after finishing the main quest.

Description: Head to Akrokorinth Fort, as shown in the screenshot above, to start this quest.

You will be attacked by enemies when you arrive. Defeat them all to enter the building, where you will meet a man and deliver the package. Return to Alikibiade to complete the quest.

Completing this mission earns you Alikibiade\’s Axe and around 200 coins as a reward.


What are some interesting Side Quests in Korinthia in AC Odyssey?

Korinthia in AC Odyssey offers plenty of unique and intriguing side quests that players can explore. One of the most interesting quests is the \”A Pirate\’s Life\” questline, where players have to help a pirate crew to retrieve a valuable treasure. Another exciting side quest is \”The Taxman Cometh,\” where players have to help a tax collector to get rid of some bandits that are causing trouble in the area. \”A-musing Tale\” is also a fun quest where players help a poet to find inspiration for his next masterpiece. Overall, Korinthia has plenty of exciting side quests that players can enjoy.

What is the storyline of the \”A Pirate\’s Life\” questline in AC Odyssey?

The \”A Pirate\’s Life\” questline in AC Odyssey follows the journey of a pirate crew that is searching for a valuable treasure. Players have to help the crew by completing various tasks, such as finding a map to the treasure, defeating enemies, and navigating through dangerous waters. The questline has several twists and turns, and players have to make important decisions that can affect the outcome of the storyline. Overall, the \”A Pirate\’s Life\” questline is a thrilling adventure that players can enjoy in Korinthia.

What are some tips for completing the \”The Taxman Cometh\” quest in AC Odyssey?

The \”The Taxman Cometh\” quest in AC Odyssey can be challenging, but there are some tips that players can use to complete it successfully. First, players should make sure to upgrade their gear and weapons before starting the quest, as it involves several battles with bandits. Second, players should use stealth to their advantage and try to avoid getting detected by the bandits. Third, players should be careful when navigating through the woods, as there are several traps and obstacles that can harm them. Finally, players should make sure to talk to all the NPCs in the area to get valuable information that can help them complete the quest.

What rewards can players receive for completing side quests in Korinthia in AC Odyssey?

Completing side quests in Korinthia in AC Odyssey can reward players with various items and resources. For example, completing the \”A Pirate\’s Life\” questline can reward players with a powerful legendary weapon and plenty of experience points. Completing the \”The Taxman Cometh\” quest can reward players with valuable resources such as Drachmae, crafting materials, and equipment. Additionally, completing side quests can also help players to unlock new skills and abilities, which can be useful in combat and exploration. Overall, players can receive plenty of rewards for completing side quests in Korinthia in AC Odyssey.

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