AC Odyssey: How to Save and Load Your Game?

If you\’re playing Assassin\’s Creed: Odyssey, you might find yourself facing challenging opponents or making difficult decisions. Fortunately, you can create your own save to avoid problems and see the consequences of your choices more easily. In this guide, we\’ll show you how to save and load your game in three ways: autosave, manual save, and quicksave.


Autosaves work like they did in previous games in the series. They are generated automatically during important moments in the game, such as starting or finishing a quest, achieving a mission goal, or reaching a new location. The game uses multiple automatic saving slots to protect your progress from damage. You can rely on autosaves if you don\’t want to manually save or forget to do so.

Manual Save

The most interesting option is to manually save your game. You can specify when to save and your manual save won\’t be overwritten unless you do it yourself. This is the best type of save to use before important battles or decisions. To create a new manual save, pause the game and select \”Save\” (picture 1). Choose a slot to save in and create a new slot or overwrite an existing one.


Quicksaves are the third and final way to save your game. Use them if you want to quickly prepare for a decision or battle. The game has five quicksave slots, and the oldest quicksave is automatically overwritten when you create a new one. To quicksave, press the appropriate button (usually the up direction on the d-pad) and confirm the save operation.

Note that you cannot create a manual save or quicksave while fighting, in forbidden locations (marked in red, such as camps or forts), or during important quest activities.

Loading Your Game

To load your game, pause the game and select \”Load.\” You can choose from all types of saves you\’ve made: automatic, manual, and quicksaves. Select the one you want to load.


1. How do I save my progress in AC Odyssey?

To save your progress in AC Odyssey, you can either quicksave by pressing F5 on your keyboard, or manually save by going to the pause menu and selecting \”Save.\” You can also save at any time by using the game\’s autosave feature, which automatically saves your progress at certain points in the game. It\’s important to save regularly to avoid losing progress if you die or encounter a bug.

2. Can I manually load a saved game?

Yes, you can manually load a saved game by going to the main menu and selecting \”Load Game.\” This will bring up a list of all your saved games, including autosaves and manual saves. Simply select the save you want to load and you\’ll be taken back to that point in the game.

3. What happens if I die in AC Odyssey?

If you die in AC Odyssey, you\’ll be taken back to your last save point. This can be either a quicksave, manual save, or autosave, depending on when you last saved your progress. It\’s important to save regularly to avoid losing progress if you die or encounter a bug.

4. Can I save during a mission or quest?

Yes, you can save during a mission or quest in AC Odyssey. It\’s a good idea to save regularly during missions to avoid losing progress if you fail an objective or encounter a bug. Simply pause the game and select \”Save\” to manually save your progress, or rely on the game\’s autosave feature to save your progress at certain points in the mission.

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