AC Odyssey Fate of Atlantis: Mourning Fields, Torment of Hades Map

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This page of our Assassin\’s Creed: Odyssey Fate of Atlantis guide contains the world map of Mourning Fields region. This is the third location where you will complete the main missions. The map shows the locations that you can visit. You can participate in side activities such as Perception of Hermes and Ainigmata Ostraka, among others.

  • Basic Information
  • Tombs
  • Ainigmata Ostraka
  • Perception of Hermes

Basic Information

  1. Mourning Fields is the third location that you visit by performing story missions in Fate of Atlantis DLC.
  2. This location does not have any towns or villages.
  3. This location also does not have a blacksmith nor a merchant.
  4. The location has very small water bodies located mainly in forests.
  5. Gate of the Unbowed is located on top of the highest mountain in this region.


There are no tombs in Mourning Fields.

Ainigmata Ostraka

There are two Ainigmata Ostraka in Mourning Fields:

  1. Starving,
  2. Boulder to Fall.

Perception of Hermes

This region has only one location of this type – Hall of Maniai.


What is the Mourning Fields in AC Odyssey Fate of Atlantis?

The Mourning Fields is a location in AC Odyssey Fate of Atlantis: Torment of Hades DLC. It is a vast and barren field where the souls of the dead wander aimlessly, mourning their lost lives. The field is filled with various traps and obstacles that players must navigate through to reach their objective. The Mourning Fields is also home to several powerful bosses that players must defeat to progress through the DLC.

What is the Torment of Hades map in AC Odyssey Fate of Atlantis?

The Torment of Hades map is a new area added to AC Odyssey Fate of Atlantis DLC. It is the second episode in the DLC series where players are tasked with exploring the underworld of Greek mythology. The map is filled with new locations, characters, and enemies that players must encounter and overcome to progress through the story. The map also features several puzzles and challenges that players must solve to unlock new areas and rewards.

What are the rewards for completing the Mourning Fields in AC Odyssey Fate of Atlantis?

Completing the Mourning Fields in AC Odyssey Fate of Atlantis rewards players with various items, such as new weapons, armor, and abilities. Players can also collect unique resources and materials that can be used to upgrade their equipment and enhance their abilities. Additionally, completing the Mourning Fields also unlocks new story missions and areas in the Torment of Hades DLC. Players must complete the Mourning Fields to progress through the DLC and reach the ultimate goal of escaping the underworld.

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