AC Odyssey Fate of Atlantis: Adonis, Romance

If you\’re playing Assassin\’s Creed: Odyssey Fate of Atlantis, you\’ll have the chance to romance a few characters. It\’s important to note that your decision to romance or not won\’t affect your relationship with the character in the long run and it\’s only a brief scene that doesn\’t impact gameplay.


In the third mission, \”A Lover and A Fighter,\” you\’ll come across Adonis who will ask you to help cripple Persephone\’s control over the area. To do so, you\’ll need to travel to the Fortress of the Three Sisters and defeat the commander to receive the location of Aegea the Amazonian Queen. Once you\’ve completed the mission, return to Adonis to finish it.

During the next conversation, you\’ll have the option to romance Adonis, indicated by a heart icon. If you choose to do so, you\’ll start a romance with him.

After completing the mission \”Dead Kings and Pretty Things,\” you\’ll get another chance to romance Adonis. When you speak to him, you\’ll see the heart icon once again.

This option will even appear if you didn\’t attempt to romance Adonis before.

The third and final romance option will come up during the conversation in the \”Persephone\’s Little Birds\” mission. This option will also be available even if you haven\’t been in a romantic relationship with Adonis previously.


1. Who is Adonis in AC Odyssey Fate of Atlantis?

Adonis is a mythical Greek figure and a character in the game Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey Fate of Atlantis. He is the god of beauty and desire, known for his exceptional looks. In the game, Adonis is portrayed as a charming and flirtatious character who engages in romantic pursuits with the player character, Kassandra or Alexios.

2. Can you romance Adonis in AC Odyssey Fate of Atlantis?

Yes, you can romance Adonis in AC Odyssey Fate of Atlantis. Unlike in the main game, where you can only romance certain characters, you can romance Adonis regardless of your gender. However, the romance with Adonis is a one-time affair and does not result in a long-term relationship.

3. What impact does the romance with Adonis have on the game?

The romance with Adonis does not have a significant impact on the game\’s story or ending. It is merely a side quest that provides additional content and adds to the character\’s backstory. However, it does affect the player\’s relationship with other characters in the game and can result in jealousy and conflict.

4. How do you initiate the romance with Adonis in AC Odyssey Fate of Atlantis?

To initiate the romance with Adonis in AC Odyssey Fate of Atlantis, you must complete the main story questline for the DLC and progress through the side quests that involve him. Eventually, you will have the opportunity to flirt with Adonis, leading to a romantic encounter. However, be aware that the romance with Adonis is not available until later in the game, so you must be patient and complete the necessary quests first.

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