AC Odyssey: Conquest

The guide and walkthrough for Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey

Conquest is a unique activity in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey that is related to the ongoing Peloponnesian War. The player can help either the Spartans or Athenians in capturing or maintaining control over regions. This page explains how to determine who controls a specific region, how to weaken a nation\’s control, and how to participate in Conquest battles as either an attacker or defender.

Note – The basic mechanics of Conquest are learned during the second chapter of the main storyline, when the player is in the Megaris region. However, to unlock the related trophy/achievement and learn more about the Conquest mode, battles must be participated in other regions.

  • Nation Leader and Nation Power
  • How to lower Nation Power?
  • How to start a Conquest battle?
  • Conquest battles

Nation Leader and Nation Power

Each region is controlled by either Athens or Sparta. The picture above shows an example of the Attika region, which belongs to Athens – this information can be found on the right side of the screen by moving the cursor over a region.

Regions are fortified by default, which means that their Nation Power is high. The objective in Conquest is to weaken it.

A region\’s Nation Power is represented by the purple bar, which can be checked by moving the cursor over a region. Additionally, the game displays a message in the bottom right corner of the screen (as seen in the picture above) to inform the player of ways to lower this value.

How to lower Nation Power?

There are several ways to weaken a region in the game. The player does not have to perform all the activities listed in the guide – choose the actions that are most convenient or easiest to accomplish.

The simplest way to lower Nation Power is to kill soldiers of the ruling faction. Note that not all enemies in a region are counted towards this objective – only soldiers. For example, only Athenian soldiers count in a region belonging to Athens. These soldiers can be found in forts and other military facilities.

Another way to lower Nation Power is to burn War Supplies. These supplies vary between regions, but the most common version are chests found in forts and camps. Use a torch to burn them, which can be easily accessed from the player\’s inventory. Note – check the supplies before burning them, as the player will steal part of them (including a large amount of supplies).

The next method of lowering Nation Power is to loot Nation Chests. Each region has one or more of these heavily guarded chests, which are located in forts (as seen in the picture above). Use Ikaros to locate them. Besides weakening a nation, looting these chests also rewards the player with resources and gold.

The last available method is to assassinate a Nation Leader in a given region. This method is very effective in lowering Nation Power, but is also more difficult to accomplish.

When you first arrive in a region, you may not know who the Nation Leader is, but you can find their grey icon on the map or visit their house in the city or village. If the region is fortified, the Leader will be heavily guarded, so it\’s best to wait until you weaken the region before attempting to assassinate them. Lowering the Nation Power will make it easier to assassinate the Leader as they may lose personal guards or leave a guarded area.

To start a Conquest battle, continue weakening the region until you receive a message indicating that the Nation Power has been sufficiently weakened. Two battle markers will appear on the map, one for the defender and one for the attacker. The defender\’s battle is easier but offers fewer rewards, while the attacker\’s battle is more difficult but offers better rewards.

To begin the Conquest battle, speak with one of the commanders marked on the map. Kill the enemy captains and mercenaries, focusing on the captains as they are more important targets. Keep an eye on the bars at the top of the screen, with blue representing your allied nation\’s power and red representing your enemies\’. Deplete the red bar to win the battle, but be careful not to let your character die or take too long to kill the captains and mercenaries as your allies can die as well.

If you win the battle, you will receive various rewards such as XP, gold, rare materials, unique weapons, or armor pieces. It\’s important to note that completing a Conquest battle doesn\’t prevent you from doing it again in the same region. If you want to start over, weaken the ruling nation, and the game will unlock a new Conquest battle.


What is AC Odyssey: Conquest?

AC Odyssey: Conquest is an expansion to the popular video game Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey. The expansion allows players to experience epic battles and conquer territories in ancient Greece. Players can choose to side with either Sparta or Athens and lead their armies to victory. The expansion also introduces new enemies, weapons, and armor sets.

How do I access AC Odyssey: Conquest?

To access AC Odyssey: Conquest, players must first own the base game Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey. Once the base game is installed, players can purchase the expansion through their respective platform\’s digital store. After purchasing, the expansion will be available to download and play. Players must have completed the main story of Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey to access the new content in AC Odyssey: Conquest.

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