AC Odyssey: Auxesia – Romance

This guide provides information on how to initiate a romantic relationship with Auxesia, one of the love interests in Assassin\’s Creed: Odyssey, who is searching for a medicine to improve her husband\’s potency.

  • Get the quest from Auxesia
  • Collect the required ingredients
  • Have the final meeting with Auxesia

Get the quest from Auxesia

Auxesia can be found in Phokis, a location you visit during the main storyline. She is located near the Temple of Apollo, where the side quest marker is shown in the picture above.

Collect the required ingredients

To start the Age is Just a Number side quest with Auxesia, choose the dialog option where you express your desire for an older lover. You will then need to collect a Deer Tongue and a Bear Scrotum. You can hunt these animals in marked locations or while exploring the world.

Have the final meeting with Auxesia

Return to Auxesia with the collected ingredients and engage in a conversation with her and her husband. Choose the dialog option with a heart icon to express your ability to satisfy her and then go to bed with Auxesia. The quest ends with a humorous cut-scene.


What is Auxesia\’s role in AC Odyssey?

Auxesia is a character in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey that you will encounter during the main questline. She is a healer and a priestess of Apollo, who resides in the Temple of Apollo in Phokis. Her role is to assist the player in finding and defeating the Cult of Kosmos. She will provide you with valuable information about the Cult\’s whereabouts and objectives, as well as give you quests that will help you progress in the game. Additionally, she can also offer a romantic storyline for the player character.

How can you romance Auxesia in AC Odyssey?

To romance Auxesia in AC Odyssey, you will need to complete her side quests, which will unlock the romance option. These quests involve helping her heal the sick and injured, as well as retrieving a rare flower that is needed for a ritual. After completing these quests, you will have the option to flirt with her and eventually start a romantic relationship. However, it\’s important to note that this relationship will not affect the overall storyline of the game. It\’s simply an optional feature for players who enjoy romance options in RPGs.

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