AC Odyssey: Anais – Love Story

Guide and Walkthrough for Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey

Anais is a potential love interest in Assassin\’s Creed: Odyssey, appearing in missions related to the Old Flames Burn Brighter storyline. The game allows you to establish a romantic relationship with this character. This page provides complete information about Anais\’ location and the steps to take to initiate a romance and take it to the next level.

Both Alexios and Kassandra can romance Anais. The steps to follow are the same regardless of which character you play.

  • Meeting the old flame
  • Romantic gift
  • Reward for saving her son
  • Promise of support

Meeting the old flame

You meet Anais at the beginning of the Where We Left Off mission. The romance options are available from the start, where you can choose two compliments to begin the romance.

Both dialogue lines are marked with a heart icon. However, if you don\’t select them, you will still have opportunities for romance later on.

Romantic gift

In Where We Left Off, you and Anais go to the beach, where your task is to collect shells for her. You can give her a shell and a romantic compliment, treating it as a romantic gift.

Reward for saving her son

In Unplanned Parenthood, you learn more about Anais\’ son. Speak with Anais first before spending time with her child. During this conversation, you can flirt with her once again.

Promise of support

In the final mission, A Night in Tegea, you have two opportunities to romance Anais. Two dialogue lines with a heart icon will appear at the beginning and end of the mission. The quest ends with a promise of support for Anais and her son.

If you train her son to become a fighter, Anais will end the relationship, stating that she only wants to be friends.


What is Anais\’s role in AC Odyssey?

Anais is a character in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey who has a significant role in the game\’s romance options. She is a courtesan, and the player can choose to pursue a romantic relationship with her. Anais can be found in Athens, and the player can visit her brothel to engage in conversation and eventually initiate a romance. Anais is a well-developed character with her own backstory, motivations, and personality, making her an interesting and engaging choice for a romance option in the game.

How do I start a romance with Anais in AC Odyssey?

To start a romance with Anais in AC Odyssey, the player must first find her brothel in Athens. Once there, the player can engage in conversation with Anais and complete certain tasks to increase her affinity towards the player character. These tasks can vary depending on the player\’s choices and dialogue options. As the player progresses in the romance, there will be opportunities for intimate moments with Anais. However, it\’s important to note that pursuing a romance with Anais may have consequences, and the player should be prepared to deal with any fallout from their actions. Overall, romancing Anais in AC Odyssey can be a rewarding and memorable experience for players who enjoy immersive storytelling and character development.

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