AC Odyssey: Achaia Tombs Guide

Get the complete walkthrough of Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey\’s Tombs in Achaia here.

This guide will specifically cover the Tomb of Eurypylos which contains an ancient stele.

Tomb of Eurypylos

Location: Mount Panachaikos, Achaia.

Walkthrough: Enter the tomb and turn right. Use a torch to clear the snakes and break the wall.

Proceed forward, descend the stairs, eliminate the snake, jump over the pillar and move forward. Destroy another wall and take a left.

Open the chest and keep moving. You\’ll reach a large chamber, approach the shelve and move it. Enter the passage and continue forward.

Keep moving and you\’ll reach a chamber with several snakes and a stele. Defeat the cobras and pass through a small gap in the wall.

After a while, you\’ll reach the cracked wall. Demolish it and discover the chest. Return to the corridor and run through the next passage.

Be aware of the trap and use the wooden scaffolding to climb higher. Use the stairs above and open the chest.

Continue through the recess and at the end of the corridor, move the wooden shelf. You\’ll see a shortcut that will guide you to the surface.


What are the tombs in Achaia in AC Odyssey?

The tombs in Achaia are locations in the game Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey where players can explore and discover treasures. These tombs are ancient burial sites of legendary Greek heroes and warriors. Players can enter the tombs and navigate through various traps and puzzles to reach the treasure at the end, which includes valuable items such as weapons, armor, and resources. Some of the tombs in Achaia are located underground, while others are in temples or ruins. These tombs are not only a source of treasure but also provide players with insight into the history and mythology of ancient Greece.

How do I find the tombs in Achaia in AC Odyssey?

Players can find the tombs in Achaia by exploring the region and looking for clues. Some of the tombs are marked on the map, while others require players to interact with NPCs or complete side quests to uncover their locations. Once players find a tomb, they can enter it and begin their exploration. It is recommended that players have a high level and good gear before attempting to enter the tombs, as they are often guarded by powerful enemies and contain difficult puzzles.

What rewards can I get from the tombs in Achaia in AC Odyssey?

The rewards from the tombs in Achaia are primarily weapons, armor, and resources. These rewards are often rare or epic quality, making them valuable for upgrading the player\’s gear. In addition to these rewards, players can also gain experience points and Drachmae (in-game currency) from looting the tombs. Some tombs also contain tablets that can be used to unlock new abilities or upgrade existing ones. Overall, the rewards from the tombs in Achaia are worth the effort it takes to explore and complete them.

Are there any tips for completing the tombs in Achaia in AC Odyssey?

Yes, there are several tips for completing the tombs in Achaia. First, players should make sure they have good gear and a high level before attempting to enter the tombs. They should also bring torches or other sources of light, as many of the tombs are dark and difficult to navigate without illumination. Second, players should pay attention to the clues and hints provided in the tombs, as they often contain valuable information for solving puzzles and avoiding traps. Third, players should be patient and take their time exploring the tombs, as rushing through them can lead to mistakes and missed opportunities. Finally, players should not hesitate to use their abilities and weapons to defeat enemies and overcome obstacles in the tombs.

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