12 Minutes: Where to Find the Pocket Watch?

If you\’re playing 12 Minutes and looking for the pocket watch, this guide will help you locate it.

The pocket watch is a crucial element of the game\’s story and finding it unlocks new dialogues and actions. Although giving the watch to the \”policeman\” is not enough for a good ending, having it from the beginning of the game is recommended.

To find the watch, head to the bathroom and examine the cabinet next to the door. Look at the bottom of the screen, and you\’ll see a ventilation grille. Use the house key from your inventory to unscrew the bolts in the grille. Once you\’ve opened it, you can pick up the watch, which will be labeled as \”object\”. The watch is slightly to the right of the center of the screen, so you may need to use a candle from the kitchen table to light your way. Note that you should open the grille with the bathroom door closed to avoid upsetting your wife.


1. What is 12 Minutes: Pocket watch?

12 Minutes: Pocket watch is a video game developed by Luis Antonio. It is an interactive thriller game that takes place in a small apartment and involves a man who finds himself stuck in a time loop, repeating the same 12 minutes over and over again. The game is available on various platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

2. Where can I find the pocket watch in 12 Minutes?

The pocket watch is a crucial item in the game, and it is essential to progress through the story. To find the pocket watch, players must interact with various objects in the apartment, such as the ventilation system and the medicine cabinet. The pocket watch is located inside the ventilation system, and players can access it by using a screwdriver to remove the vent cover.

3. Why is the pocket watch important in 12 Minutes?

The pocket watch is a vital item in the game as it contains a secret code that players must decipher to progress through the story. The code is hidden in the watch\’s inscription, and players must use clues from various objects in the apartment to solve it. The pocket watch also has sentimental value to the game\’s protagonist, making it an essential part of the story.

4. Can I finish the game without finding the pocket watch?

No, players cannot complete the game without finding the pocket watch. The code hidden in the watch\’s inscription is crucial to progressing through the story and unlocking the game\’s ending. Therefore, it is essential to search for and find the pocket watch to complete 12 Minutes successfully.

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