12 Minutes Walkthrough: Confessed Ending

Learn about the Confessed ending of 12 Minutes in this guide.

If you want to achieve the Confessed ending in 12 Minutes, you have to complete several steps. These include interrogating the police officer, getting the Coward ending, interrogating the wife, and correctly performing all the above steps to get the police officer\’s confession.

After the cop confesses, you have to interrogate him again in the next loop. Now that you know the key word from the previous conversation with him, you can ask about the past and the name of your wife\’s nanny. Take the gift from the dresser and show it to the policeman after unpacking it, so that he remembers the name and thus leads you to new conclusions.

Once you have all the evidence, confess everything to your wife and take the blame for your father-in-law\’s murder. Don\’t waver from your confession during the conversation.

In the next step, take the watch from the bathroom and the phone from the closet, and call Bumblebee, this time using a new dialog option: say that you\’re the killer. When the officer arrives again, talk to him and convince him that you\’re the killer. Remember to give him the watch. In this ending, you must leave the apartment when your wife tells you to and proceed to the next loop.


1. How do I get the Confessed ending in 12 Minutes?

To get the Confessed ending in 12 Minutes, you need to first get the phone and call Bumblebee. After that, you need to accuse your wife of killing her father and then choose the option to confess to killing her father yourself. This will trigger an intense conversation and eventually lead to the Confessed ending. It\’s important to note that this ending can only be achieved after already completing the game at least once, as certain clues and dialogue options are only available in subsequent playthroughs.

2. Are there any specific items or actions I need to take for the Confessed ending?

Aside from the phone call to Bumblebee and accusing your wife of killing her father, there are no specific items or actions required for the Confessed ending. However, it is recommended to thoroughly explore the apartment and interact with all objects and characters to gather as much information as possible. This can help with making the correct dialogue choices and uncovering hidden clues that may lead to the Confessed ending.

3. Is the Confessed ending the true ending of 12 Minutes?

There is no one true ending in 12 Minutes, as the game features multiple branching paths and endings based on player choices and actions. The Confessed ending is just one of many possible outcomes, and each ending provides a unique perspective and insight into the game\’s story and characters. It\’s up to the player to decide which ending they believe to be the most satisfying or conclusive.

4. How long does it take to achieve the Confessed ending in 12 Minutes?

The length of time it takes to achieve the Confessed ending in 12 Minutes can vary depending on a player\’s familiarity with the game\’s mechanics and puzzles. On average, it may take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to reach the Confessed ending, assuming the player already has knowledge of the game\’s mechanics and clues from previous playthroughs. However, players who are new to the game and are still learning the ropes may take longer to achieve the Confessed ending.

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